Top Google SEO Tips For 2013 – 2022

Are These Your Best SEO Tips? Top Google SEO Tips For 2013-2022. We all know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But why is this so important to every one? You will find the answer to this very important question reading this post.

Webmasters and SEOs sharing their best Search engine optimization guidelines. The thread was began by moderator, goodroi, asking “Put Up or Shut Up – Share your very best tip for much better Google rankings.”

Blogger is most widely used free blogging platform, many people use blogger including me for various reasons. But in this post we will focus on SEO; I will list a few things that you can do to make your blogspot blog an SEO friendly blog.

So what are a number of the ideal Search engine optimization suggestions getting shared?

Top SEO Tips to help you improve your search engine rankings:

* Each and every web page of one’s internet site should offer important value for your audience.
* Check your website for errors regularly.
* Test your personal Seo theories and do not just go by what forums or bloggers say.
* Be patient along with your tests.
* Focus on metrics that matter.
* Network not just on the internet but offline, those relationships will help your internet site grow.
* Never spam your true, funds making web websites. Go long-term with those.
* Often discover and attempt items.

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EAT for SEO?

EAT SEO is a standard for evaluating content quality by Google , which stands for 3 words Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

EAT is emphasized as particularly important in determining whether a website or its content is useful. useful to the reader or not.

To clarify EAT in SEO, we need to clarify each of its criteria:

Expertise – Expertise

Determine the author’s expertise. It is easier to say that the writer needs to have expertise, knowledge, and experience in the information given in the article.

A medical content written by a finance student is non-expert, so is a legal content known by a mere SEO staff.


The authority of the author, the main content and the website itself.

It may sound confusing at first, but you can look at authority in the following way: is the website, content, author mentioned a lot on other sites, reputable social networks?

Or is it easier to understand that the content on the page or the website itself and the author have many backlinks from big and reputable websites?

In addition, the content on the site must also be relevant to the topic of the entire site, and be a source of authority for the reader.

For example, SEONGON’s website needs to have content about SEO and Google Ads, but can’t talk about legal issues.

Moreover, even writing content related to the law, SEONGON will not be an authoritative site for this issue.

Trustworthiness – Reliability

This criterion measures the credibility of the author, the main content and the website itself.

We often judge a person’s initial credibility through their appearance, how they dress, their mannerisms, their way of talking, etc., mostly visual factors.

What is YMYL (Your money, your life) for SEO?

Google has classified those websites as YMYL (Your money, your life).

So which industries will fall under YMYL:

  1. Medicine and health pages: These sites advise or give direct information about users’ health problems. (medicine, pathology, good hospital, etc.)
  1. Law pages, government news : Includes information, knowledge on legal issues (divorce, child custody, creating wills, etc.)
  1. Finance: Financial advice, or information about investments, taxes, loans, banking, insurance, or websites that allow people to buy or transfer money online
  1. Education: sites that sell courses, offer admissions information (universities, colleges, etc.)
  1. Shopping site: most websites that allow online purchases need to apply this standard.
  1. News: news on important topics such as international events, business, politics, science, technology, etc., but websites like sports news, entertainment are not.
  1. Other: many other industries such as interior design, housing information, job search also fall into this group because they all have a great impact on your wallet and happiness.

In essence, this standard applies to all types of websites, but given the specific nature of the content of some industries that directly affect the happiness, health and finances of users, this standard should applied very strictly.

Create a social profile for the author

Influence criteria : Expertise – Expertise, Authoritativeness – Author authority

If only the author’s profile on the website is counted, it is still a signal that is not strong enough to show the author’s expertise.

Create multiple social profile accounts for the author on different social networks. Some social networks are very suitable for doing this, such as: Facebook, Linkedin,

However, setting up is not enough, businesses need to share articles on the above social networks.

Also, make sure the author’s profile page has links to these social sites. (as shown in Figure 1)

Some effective sites to create social profiles for businesses


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