How to Start with Blogs

When looking for something you can do on line and make some few cash,you may conceder blogging.Blogging is a google account where one gets to put all the contents in it for the purpose of reading.Many bloggers have started with few input in them but now the are making a living from them.Boggs can be up and running in a few minutes.The only thing you need to do is to be creative and write bogs that make sense and attractive to the readers,which will make them frequent visitors to your blog.The best thing about blogs is that they are free to start,and you get to earn money with them.


Even the best blog cannot earn any money if people don’t know that it what do you do,you start a blog,write content in it and then you find traffic or people to view them.Ho do you do that,you have to visit other peoples blogs and read them,onto the comment space at the bottom of the blog you put your own comment that relate to the blog that you have just read,these is to show the owner that you have read it,then you can leave your blog link and ask people to visit your blog.You can also advertise it on google is you want traffic as fast as possible.

How to make money with blogs is what people like about them.When you start writing blogs,make sure you make them interesting.The you have to sign up with google adsence, google will provide you with adverts that are going to appear on your blog.Make sure that you keep on updating your blog,because when google sees that you are current,it will place more adverts on your bog which will mean more money.How does your blog make money,for every click that a person make on an advert on your blog, you make money which may range from 0.01$-1$ according to the advertisers wish.

The content the you write on your blog totally depends on you.You may decide to write on a certain issue that happened,or your weekend or your vacation.The trick is to make it a s interesting as possible.Remember keep on posting as much as you can.Find traffic as much as possible.
When your are on your account,keep on using the dash board to optimize your blog so as to make it attractive.

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