Genesis Framework is a perfect WordPress Theme Technologies

Genesis Framework 6 layouts
Genesis Framework 6 layouts

Genesis is one of the most famous Unveils Framework for smart grid technologies for WordPress. Not only has the ability to make the website extremely fast with these customizations high gGenesis Framework Technologies that support and SEO is very good. Why Genesis Framework  is a WordPress Theme is perfect? Here is the answer:

1. Great platform

Genesis Frameword built and developed by a group of programrs from StudioPress – the coder WorpPress veteran in the village of the world. It is always updating and adding new features regularly in order to be able to accommodate the best latest version of WordPress.

StudioPress provides full documentation about Genesis Framework, each child genesis interface theme is accompanied by instructions extremely detailed and specific. If there is a problem in the process using genesis, you can create support ticket request StudioPress, participate in discussion forum (forum of StudioPress).  In addition, the community genesis super hero climate, you can find the instructions, tutorials, tricks about genesis on Google there is a lot. At this point, the system support of genesis works pretty strong on Twitter as well as Google Plus. In it, with the hashtag #genesiswp on Twitter with a system – community support – most powerful.



2. Update forever.

With Genesis Framework , you will be updating it latest version forever. Most people who use genesis all use child theme, when genesis should be upadate, all changes are still remain. You don’t have to laborious and time settings from the beginning. This is where I love the most in genesis! Gorgeous ! And there are a lot of people who take advantage of this by the download of the old genesis share on the Internet, install and update to latest version. However, if you define long-term growth investments should also bought a copy to support best from StudioPress.

3. Support powerful SEO

SEO helps your website you have been the top-of-the-page on search results. I’m sure you’ll need a professional Theme, good SEO support. About this point, Genesis Framework  are considered to be the perfect choice. What genesis are rated SEO Theme Genesis Framework . You can take a few lines of the following:

  • All the major factor in Onpage SEO as Heading, But it does not count because it is Meta, conversational character robots attribute (follow, index, noarchive), rel calnonical, redirect… problem is built for Homepage, post, page, category, But it does not count because it is
  • The structure of genesis help intelligent design of the Bot-Agent . search engine easily read the content of your website
  • New HTML-CSS standard W3C
  • Support code, by theme in the microdata in HTML help strengthen optimal search engine

With Genesis Framework , you don’t need any more SEO plugin. If you install this plugin SEO like All in one Seo Pack or SEO by Yoat (or any other Seo plugin) features SEO settings in genesis will automatically hidden. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about conflicts will occur during the installation process added SEO plugin support while using genesis.

4. Speed is very good to appreciate

Not only Genesis Framework  and the rest of the wordpress theme Genesis Framework  such as thesis or headway has speed download page is very fast and don’t use too many images or other graphical effects. Default interface can not beautiful but with the child theme, you will have to face completely different.

Google also take speed download page on one of the criteria on page rank search results. Therefore, speed download page is a factor very concerned by the webmasters, because this is good for SEO factors help website, and most importantly improving the user experience.


5. Easily customize and the ability of endless

That’s true, with genesis you very easy to use and customize, sometimes it’s just a few lines of CSS is simple. In addition, to create a child theme for his own not too difficult. Genesis can do anything. Want to add a widget box under each post or Title, or category widget to Insert Polygon… on all supported available by genesis. In addition,Genesis Framework and support for up to 6 types of layouts, help you move easily for every article, every page. Genesis also allows you to insert the code into find, width – very convenient when we insert advertising or Google analytics on the website.

With the genesis of widget you can easily drag drop the slider genesis featured post or page as well as the text in to %1 homepage. Default theme of genesis child always have the default widget is its genesis and genesis featured Post featured Page with many different customize to fit your requirements.

Genesis Framework 6 layouts
Genesis Framework 6 layouts

I’ve used a thesis see the time and pretty hard when I started, most customize are pulled loose, very intuitive but it wasn’t easy. I can tell you that, thesis for the programrs, and genesis for designers. You don’t understanding code, use genesis. It is my sincere advice.

6. There are many good plugins

In addition to the SEO compatible plugin support is very good with genesis as mentioned above, there are a lot of professional plugin for genesis framework, could make a few typical as:

  1. Genesis enews extended– Help you create a new widgets subscribers very easy and beautiful eyes, good compatibility with FeedBurner, Mailchimp, Aweber, FeedBlitz …
  2. Genesis Simple Hooks– Allows you insert code (HTML, Shortcodes, PHP) in any place on the Web through the hooks.
  3. Genesis Visual Hook Guide Is a great partner with genesis Simple hooks, allowing you to position the genesis hooks in a visual way. From there, help us establish and customize genesis easier.
  4. Genesis Layout Extras– Allows you edit the default layouts of genesis.
  5. Genesis Simple Edits– Help you fix post-crash information, post-meta, width through text, shortcodes and HTML in the admin WP-Admin.
  6. Genesis Responsive Slider– Help you create slide simple, get the image from the article.

And there’s a lot more order in plugin are shown, you find more.

7. Diverse interface, easy to use

With the amount of more than 50+ genesis child theme developed by StudioPress theme as well as hundreds of child of many different topics from news, business, photography, food, real estate, luxury you choose to have a consistent interface.

When Genesis Framework  version updates, old interface – the customizations before you that was not affected or lost, everything will still work properly.


Genesis Framework  was truly great choice and is perfect for your website. Let’s experience and discover more and more exciting thing with genesis. I’m sure you will love it ! And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the discussion below. Goodluck!

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