XRay Mod 1.16.5 how to download & install x ray mod

Have you ever spent countless of hours laboring your way down to the mine and never really finding even one precious diamond ore? Then make your cave exploration and ore hunting easier with this mod! XRay Mod is a utility-type Minecraft modification created by username AmbientOcclusion. See-through various blocks with a push of a button, while still maintaining the balance of the game! The mod features a configurable x-ray mode and a built-in cave finder. You can alter and change various aspects of the mod and includes a configurable coordinate display, and a full-bight option, among many others.

Should You Install It?

If you love playing survival Minecraft but hate blindly mining all the way down and ending up with nothing but lava, then you should consider getting this mod. However, this mod might be a little too overpowered and will probably destroy the balance of your game. However, if you don’t care about game balance and just want to have a great time playing, then this mod will definitely make your mining and cave exploration a lot easier and safer.

XRay Mod Installation

As with most of the mods nowadays, X-Ray Mod offers its own installer. To download and install the mod, simply follow the steps below. The mod is also compatible with various mods and modding API such as MC Forge, LiteLoader, and more.

  • Download the latest version from below buttons.
  • Open the launcher and select a profile to install.
  • Install and have fun!

You may also install the mod manually by using the standard mod installation procedure of dragging the XRay.jar file to the mods folder (%appdata%/.minecraft/mods).

Download Links

xray mod 1.16.5

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