Woman Mimics Zara Models’ Poses To Demonstrate How Ridiculous They Are

Have you ever Zara-ed? No, not the Spanish fast fashion retailer, but the verb “to Zara.” Zara is well-known for their models’ ridiculous poses. They often look like they’re about to fall over, and some people have even called them “zombie models.” However, one woman has had enough. She’s decided to mimic Zara’s models’ poses to show just how ridiculous they are.

You never really know how the clothes will fit until you try them on. That’s why fashion companies do their best to provide as much information as possible about the items you’re buying, including precise measurements and images from various angles. However, Zara is an exception.

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Online customers were not happy with the poses that models took during their photo shoots. For example, they wear formal outfits and lean out or sit on glass tables while adopting yoga-like positions like those from TikTok videos! Yet NYC based curve model Remi Baders recreated these ridiculous postures for Zara’s clothing line by taking advantage of his unique looks which include an interesting face structure as well has Square inch measurements all over body parts including waistline (1×2 inches) arms & legs

Source: dailyhighlight.com


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