Which is the better game? Candy Crush Saga vs Jewels

Which is the better game? Candy Crush Saga vs Jewels. Two app experts, two opinions: App Wars pits the opinions of two Editors against one another regarding one of today’s more popular Android topics: apps. Today, Candy Crush Saga and Jewels go head-to-head in a 5 point ”app-off”.

”Match Three” games have come a long way since the original 2001 PopCap game for browsers, Bejeweled, and its Russian forefather Shariki from 1988. Today everyone’s talking about Candy Crush Saga and its countless doppelgangers, but in this inaugural App Wars we wanted to see which ”Match Three” game is better, based on these editors’ opinions: the one-year-old Candy Crush Saga or Jewels from 2008.

androidpit candy crush saga vs jewels infographic revised revised

What’s your take on our app battle? Do you agree with either one of our editors? Which app do you like better? Hash it out in the comments below!

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