When will be the next pagerank update?

What’s next pagerank update schedule?

These are the most common question, I get asked these days. Even many bloggers are searching on search engines about when will be the next pagerank update.What do you contemplate afterward pagerank redesign? Do you know at what point will be the following pagerank upgrade? What’s your present pagerank?

I’ve decide to list the expected date, when will google update pagerank. These are expected date NOT confirmed.


I hope above tips will help you a lot to increase page rank in the next pagerank update.

Would it be a good idea for you to depend excessively on Pagerank?

Right away, that is truly paramount address to ask yourself, Would it be a good idea for you to answer much on pagerank? Gave me a chance to clarify, I’ve seen numerous writes with Pr2, Pr3 that are getting many guests for every day than others Pr5, Pr6 sites. That means Pagerank has nothing to do with your online journal movement.

Do whatever it takes not to stress over pagerank / alexa rank. Concentrate on furnishing functional substance to your site followers.

  1. Readership
  2. Traffic
  3. Alexa Rank
  4. Page Rank

Here I am also sharing some of the most frequently asked questions about pagerank.

Why my Pagerank is not expanding? Did you made this inquiry? Why your pagerank is not expanding?

There could be numerous explanations like; Unfortunate SEO Structure Unfortunate Join Bulding Not sufficient Dofollow baclinks No quality substance in your web journal Web journal not improved for web crawlers

How to increase PageRank quickly?

Here I am sharing some important tips to increase your page rank for next pagerank update.

Few Tips to Increase your Page Rank.

  • Guest posting
  • Article marketing or Directory Submission
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum Posting
  • Submit Feed to Feed directories
  • Submit blog to Social bookmarking sites
  • Proper SEO structure
  • Register your domain for longer period (3-4) year.
  • Don’t sell Links!

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Last google pagerank update was on 4 February 2013. Google pagerank basically ranks a page on the basis of its backlinks and how authoritative that link is. And high Google pagerank may boost ranking of the site and reputation.

Google page rank update happens after 3-4 months after previous update. Here is the schedule of next PageRank update of 2013. These are expected date.

  • 1st Update : May be on January 28 to February 6
  • 2nd update : May be on June 27 to July 7
  • 3rd Update : May be on September 29 to 4 October
  • 4th Update : May be on 24 December to 29 December


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