VoxelMap Minecraft Mod

VoxelMap is a mod from MamiyaOtaru intended for all players with a limited orientation sense, as it offers many tools to help you better navigate this vast world of Minecraft. This mod allows you to have, on your interface, which allows you to avoid making it in-game and still have an eye on it without having to hold it in your hand.

This is easily configurable via a menu in which you can configure a bunch of options such as the zoom of the map, manage your waypoints which allow you not to lose a place like your house or for example, a dungeon. You can also see the entire map with all the chunks you have loaded on multiplayer servers. Another option that can be useful is being able to display all mobs or players around.

You can via the options, configure the mod keys:

Toggle Fullscreen: Allows you to display the map in large size
Toggle Mobs: Allows you to spawn creatures
Toggle Waypoints: Allows you to display Waypoints
VoxelMap Menu: Used to display the VoxelMap menu
Waypoint Hotkey: Allows you to create a new waypoint
Waypoint Menu: Used to display the waypoints menu
Zoom: Key that allows you to zoom in on the map

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