Use a voice recorder app to record meeting minutes

In the business world, meeting minutes are key. They provide an accurate account of what was discussed and decided upon during a meeting – something that can be extremely important down the road. Whether you’re taking notes to show your boss how attentive you were in the meeting, or to follow up with colleagues and clients after the fact, it’s crucial to pay attention to detail when taking notes. This means getting everything right, from who attended to what was decided upon. Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks out there for ensuring that your meeting minutes are as accurate as possible. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most important ones!

The Importance of Taking Good Meeting Notes

No matter what industry you work in, taking good meeting notes is a critical skill to have. Attention to detail is key when it comes to taking minutes and ensuring that everything is correct. In order to show that you have the ability to focus on the important details, it’s important that your meeting notes are as detailed as possible. One way to do this is by taking super detailed notes and referencing information from key meetings. Another way is to quickly follow up with accurate meeting notes. A great tool to utilize is a voice recording app. Utilizing a voice recording app will not only allow you to be present and focus on the conversation at hand, but you’ll also be able to review the meeting as many times as necessary.

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The Benefits of Recording Work Meetings

If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself scrambling to take notes during work meetings. You try your best to write down everything that is being said, but inevitably important details and thoughts get overlooked. This can be especially difficult when complex topics are being discussed and you’re not super familiar with them. The solution? A voice recorder app! By recording work meetings, you’re able to listen to the conversation as many times as you need in order to grasp important concepts at a later time. Plus, you can even listen to the recording before your next meeting allowing you to show up super prepared.

Provide Exact Quotes from a Meeting

Meetings can be hours long, and ideas/action items that were discussed at the beginning can quickly be forgotten about by the end of a two-hour meeting. It can also be especially painful when you’re told to do a task a certain way in a meeting, only to have to re-do the task 1-2 more times because you forgot the initial directions. With the use of a recording app, you can quickly search for a specific topic and even pull specific quotes to ensure that everyone stays on the same page long after the meeting is done. Trust us, your boss will think that you nailed it.

Super-Detailed Notes

We’ve all been in meetings where debate takes place. Of course, with any heated discussion, many key details can be lost. Using a voice recorder app allows you to play back the conversation. It gives you time to type up super detailed notes that you can then share with others who were also in that meeting. Even providing the actual recording so everyone can revisit it will leave everyone (including your boss) impressed.

Quickly Cite Statistics Mentioned in Your Last Meeting

Working with numbers and complicated equations can be tricky. Especially when you’re trying to come up with a formula to lower your cost and increase your revenue.

During these financial meetings, oftentimes, certain statics and numbers are mentioned. However, if you’re paying too close attention to note taking, you could miss a key number or even write it down wrong. A recording app can be your saving grace, especially if you’ve worked on a new cost analysis for hours and your boss tells you the numbers aren’t adding up. Plus, you can even re-listen to the recording before your next financial meeting to cite a specific stat or you can even cue up the recording to that stat. Basically, using a voice recorder app can allow everyone to stay accurate.

Detailed notes

We’ve all participated in discussions in meetings. Naturally, during any argument, many important things can be forgotten. You can listen to the chat again by using a voice recorder app. It gives you the opportunity to take incredibly thorough notes that you can later share with other attendees of the conference. Everyone will be impressed, even your boss, even if you only provide the real recording so that they may listen to it again.

Catch up on new projects

Starting a new project or introducing a new product line is always thrilling, but too often we let our enthusiasm get the better of us. Due to a lack of thorough note-taking, this may result in subpar execution. You can take thorough notes with a voice recorder app while remaining enthusiastic and actively participating in the conversation. Additionally, you can listen to the recording repeatedly to make sure you’ve included all the necessary details in this new project.

Share Job Interviews With Your Team

Consider that your department is looking to hire a new employee. You meet down with your management team after conducting interviews with a number of applicants to discuss who would be the greatest fit for the role. You can record the entire conversation and keep in mind the benefits and drawbacks of each candidate by using a recording app. After then, you can bring up this subject again with other departments. Additionally, you can divulge some details to others about the criteria you used to choose a particular candidate. Everyone in your department will feel appreciated and like they have a stake in the hiring process if they are given the opportunity to participate in the conversation.

Get on Top of All Your Upcoming Tasks

consecutive meetings? a single, eight-hour sales meeting? 3-day business conference Whatever your circumstance, we are aware that if you took handwritten notes, your hand and mind are exhausted. Download a voice recorder software to take notes virtually and ease your hand cramp. This enables you to participate more actively in the meeting and to feel less worn out. Additionally, we wager that you might even have the strength to finish one or two assignments related to the meeting from yesterday, demonstrating to your manager that you’re 100% on top of things.

Review the meeting

Do you work with somebody who speaks softly? How about someone who speaks very quickly? It’s possible that the diverse mix of people you’re with makes some accents difficult to understand. You can use a voice recorder app to capture the conversation instead of dragging it out and asking the person to repeat themselves (which could upset them and frustrate others). You can then have the dialogue as many times as necessary. You may even go a step further and write up the meeting and send follow-up notes with to-do lists. What an amazing maneuver!

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