[Tut]Step by step tutorial to use AirDroid

 AirDroid is an app where you can use the browser on your PC to connect from your PC to your Android.By using AirDroid you no longer need to use a data transfer cable, can use a PC monitor to reply to the SMS.

Tut  Step by step tutorial to use AirDroid an indispensable application for Android. For those who don’t know what is AirDroid, it is a simple application that will allow us to manage all our phone for wireless : SMS, apps, contacts, media and more. How does it work? How do I set? Let’s do it.

Configuring AirDroid 1.0

To work AirDroid need only have the application, available for Android 2.1 or higher.

Download AirDroid

Step by step tutorial to use AirDroid

And that’s it, the rest is easy. If you open the application you will see a screen like this.


As you can see, we can connect in two ways. The simplest of all will go http://web.airdroid.com and enter our password.

There are two connection modes:

  • The simple : with top speeds but less secure. It is recommended for known environments (home, office, etc …)
  • Extra-safe : with https, you go slower. It is recommended for unknown environments (airport, coffee, etc …)

Once we’re inside, we see our AirDroid desktop.

On the right we find our widgets: an indicator of our phone’s memory as well as its name and version, a widget to open any URL in your phone’s browser and a widget to jot down notes.

Then we all applications. Let’s take a look:

Posts : we can see all our SMS and management. We can also write directly an SMS in your computer screen and send.

Caller : More of the same, a record full of our calls

Applications : Last one. We manage all our phone applications from AirDroid. From installing new applications dragging the apk, to uninstall or download them to your PC. Bestial

Contacts : Another very useful little tool. It will enable us to manage all our contacts and add new or edit we had.

File Explorer : A very good file manager that enables you to do almost everything. We may also download or upload files from your computer. The ultimate solution to transfer files to the phone without cables.

Photos, Music and Videos : Very similar to the previous point, a manager of our photos, our videos and our music. We may delete, download and upload our own files


Screenshot : Bestial. To capture the screen of our Android. It looks live content, so that may be a solution for presentations where we show the contents of the phone.

Ringtones : To manage ringtones.

Recommendations : We recommend to install applications.

As you see, AirDroid is a very complete application. It works like a charm and after the last update, the configuration is simple and free. To round it all, it’s completely free . Really, it is mandatory to lower it. Done.

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