Tropicraft Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2

Tropicraft Mod adds a whole new dimension to the Minecraft game world – it’s a tropical paradise where you can enjoy your romantic vacation by the beach.

Tropicraft mod’s features

Tropicraft is the idea of Cojomax99 after going on a vacation to the tropics. After that, the mod is created thanks to the help of MrRube in designs, textures, and sprites. In Tropicraft mod, a lot of tropical items are added such as villages, Tropical Realm, gear, treasures, trading, and fishing.

The mod leads players to a tropical landscape with new mobs, treasures, trees, and diverse biomes. In this paradise, you will have an opportunity to mine many new kinds of ores. However, you cannot find most kinds of ores in the Tropical Realm. Moreover, new types of villagers here can trade with players to get useful items in the game.

Download Links:

Tropicraft mod 1.12.2

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