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Top 5 Useful Mobile Apps

Choosing The Right Mobile Applications For Your Type Of Business

  1. Adobe Connect

This is a mobile application that people use to create information and general presentations on mobile devices. It enables online training, web conferencing and user desktop sharing. Adobe Connect is an amazing software because it can get almost all your desktop capabilities onto your mobile device. Just imagine holding a meeting anywhere, anytime.

Additionally, it has cool features that have the ability to create slides and video animation for presentations. It is truly effective when it comes to sending messages. Moreover, it is convenient especially to big companies that have teams to handle.

  1. Asana

When you handle a company team or own a business with employees, and you need to leave, Asana enables you to keep in touch with these people anytime, anywhere. Asana eliminates ‘guesswork attitude’. It aims to strengthen company and business marketing through productive human sources. Even in distant, you can connect with your team and do tasks together.

Asana is an amazing software that you can navigate on your mobile phone. It is handy to perform monitoring on individuals which is indeed a complex obligation to do. Moreover, Asana allows you to follow the projects that your team or employees are working on. You can do and check due dates, recurring tasks, attach files and images and a lot more.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one popular software and mobile app. It is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork. Business leaders usually wear a lot of hats. Things might get out of hand. That’s the best thing about this digital application. Dropbox allows you to keep everything organized. You can put all your pictures, videos, documents, important spreadsheets, billing information, and receipts into a single digital place.

When it comes to data security, Dropbox automatically saves all your data on all your computers. Hence, including the information and files, you have on your website. So you don’t need to fear losing anything that could lead to worse case scenarios.

  1. Google Analytics

In business, you would want to know if you are progressing. So aside from all the marketing efforts, you need something that will keep you on track of the results you’re getting from all your marketing strategies. So aside from organization and data security, you need Google Analytics on your mobile device to see the development that your business is into.

Google Analytics gives you easy access to your important details that are relevant to your marketing. You’ll get crucial information and accurate results regarding visitor reports and ability to view behaviors, conversions and more. Therefore, Google Analytics keep you informed.

  1. Perch

When you do business, you are automatically competing. Perch will help you stay on top you got to keep a tab on your competition. It informs you of where your competition is way behind or ahead of you. It’s like a sneaky bird’s eye view on the online presence of your competitors which is important to giving you ideas on what you need to improve.

Yes, with Perch, you can check on the reviews, social posts and promotions of you and your competition all in one place. Today, over 100,000 business owners choose Perch. So if you’re still hesitating, this is the best time to decide. Perch is one of the best mobile apps you can have.


Mobiles Apps can help skyrocket your business’s growth. With the continuous technological advancement, businesses like you need to quickly adapt to the latest technological developments. Be an onward-thinking entrepreneur and start taking advantage of the amazing mobile applications we have today!

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