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Although no two gamers are alike, and not everyone appreciates the same style or type of gaming, it seems that certain video games on any platform or PC (Mac) seem to outsell others. In fact, there are a few titles that everyone knows whether or not they play the genre and regardless of whether or not they are into gaming at all. These are a few of the top selling titles worldwide through the end of 2015 and the early months of 2016 to date across all gaming platforms.

10. Final Fantasy Type O –
Available on PS4 and Xbox One, this is one of the top game titles of all time. It was voted the best action, role playing game over the year. Initially released in 2011 to the Japanese market, the game has made its way to other regions of the world, and has become the top selling video game of all time, since the time frame from which it was released to date. With the Final Fantasy name behind it, ultimate RPG players, and those who are loyal to the series, love the style, and action.

9. Borderlands –
The Handsome collection is on Xbox One & PS4 platforms as well. It is a first person shooter game, mixed with exploration, which makes it a game which sells on various platform and genres, as well as various age groups. The game does require the gearbox accessories for optimal gaming enjoyment, and the unique style is one which players have come to love since its original release.

8. NBA 2K15 –
For sports enthusiasts, this title from EA sports has become a staple in sports gaming. With real life players, moves, and several unique player moves from the real game, brought to the video game, the sports enthusiast, and avid NBA fan truly loves this great title. Available on PC, PS3 and 4, Xbox One, and Xbox.

7. Minecraft –
Available for 360, PS4 and Xbox One, this is another top selling title. For those who love puzzle, strategy, and want to exercise your brain and thoughts, this is a title you are bound to love. Developed by a Swedish Developer, the game has developed somewhat of a cult following by its gaming community.

6. MLB 15 –
Like the NBA title, this baseball game is true to the real deal. Players look life like, movements are extremely fluid, and several player moves have been translated to the gaming platform. It is available for gamers on PC as well as Xbox and PS systems. It it known as the most strategy based MLB game available to the gaming community to date, which has made it even more of a fan favourite for sports fans and enthusiasts alike.

5. Call of Duty –
Although available on PC only, the game is a first person shooter style game which has truly developed into a favourite by avid gamers. It has been developed for mobile gaming platforms. Various spins, moves, and a mobile game, makes this action packed shooter style game one which was developed with teen gamers in mind, but has also become a favourite among older players as well.

4. Mario Party –
The third instalment of the game is a true party come to life on a gaming system. With fun challenges, some of your favourite characters, and the classic Mario style, you can’t go wrong with this fun game playing on your own, or against a community. With various mini games, and different strategy games you have to complete, the game is both challenging and fun, and allows you to bring yourself into the game, as a mini character version in the Mario world.

3. Grand Theft Auto V –
Another cult following style game has become a top seller, and has stayed on top of the gaming community since its original release. The street drag racing game has it all. Drugs, alcohol, theft, shooting, and much more. Whether you want to take a stroll, a long ride, or want to fully acclimate yourself into the game, there are several ways to play and enjoy this game on PS systems as well as PC gaming. Although it is categorized as a game for adventure, the fun, colourful, and distinct action packed game, is one that can be enjoyed on various levels of play by the gaming community.

2. Blood Borne –
Categorized as an arcade game, it is a shooter, role playing style game. With several categories, levels, and unique levels and stages you have to complete, the shooter game is one that will quickly force you to become a true enthusiast of the gaming style. You will love the characters, the great graphics, as well as the levels and challenges you will face along the way to the top level as a gamer.

1. Battlefield –
It is another game which is categorized as an action game, but it can also be categorized as a shooter game, or mass role playing game as well. The name of the game itself informs you of the fact that you are out on a battlefield, and have to fend for yourself to defeat the different characters and players you are going to face along the way. Earning money, defeating levels, and challenges, you can earn new weapons as well as new ways to play. You can enjoy a number of battles, and have to create unique strategies in order to defeat the different challenges and players you encounter along the way.

Regardless of the type of gaming you enjoy, the platforms you own or whether you choose to play on your own or connect with other players on the web these are a few of the top selling titles and have been games which have truly developed a cult like following by gamers in the community. If you are looking to purchase one of these systems then you should shop around and use comparison websites to find the best deal. One example of a site is Not only have these been the top selling titles over the past year, but are games which are still gaining traction. For the avid gamer, those who enjoy RPG, mass action and fighting, sports, or other styles of games, these are a few titles you are bound to enjoy on the platforms they are available on.

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