SEO Google Panda 2.0 with Top 10 Free SEO Tools Of 2013

Top-10-Free-SEO-ToolsSEO Google Panda 2.0 with Top 10 Free SEO Tools Of 2013.IF you are really an interested Ethic Blogger, Internet-savvy & pro webmasters then you must be known some of the greatest tools created by Pro web-Programmers For Search Engine Optimizations. thats help to check our blog statistics data, health, traffics and Revenues. So in today post our editorial team share with you some interested SEO tools thats help & analyze your blog SEO statistics health, back-links, page rank, meta description, coding Errors & many mores you wants. Every successful blogger want to promote their blog website in top search engine results by applying the SEO basics techniques because they known the importance of search engine optimizations and it is the only one way to bring your blog & make it perfect for each search engine. So this concluded that sometime we must use this great tools to check our blog website statistics life. So our today post summarize all about the top ten Best Free SEO Tools of 2013. A well known step by step guide to learn about the top 10 seo tools of the year 2013.

List of top 10 seo tools of 2013

So below is the list of top ten seo tools best all the times. This website provides all the major seo strategies. Every blogger should must submit sitelinks to this great sites. It is very helpful tools for bloggers & webmasters.

1. Google Webmaster Tools 

GWT  ( Google webmaster tool ) is one of the best google owned tools. Blogger should must use it for correct seo strategies. It provides several things about seo. It is the no1 seo tools ever on the internet. About 99 percent people use google webmaster tools. Some of the following advance options provided by google webmaster tool.


Google Webmaster tools




  • Sitemap
  • Search Queries
  • Traffics statistics
  • Internal & External Links

2. Google Analytical Tools

GAT ( Google Analytical Tools ) is one another gift from google which tell & indicate about blog websites traffics statistics. It is most amazing creative and well known tools from google with the help of this tool blogger can easily check his website traffics & targeted locations visitors. It also give an awesome opportunity about real time visitors. means you can views your visitors of real time landed on your sites. IT provides several things about Seo techniques.




  • Real time overviews
  • Traffics Sources
  • Audience overviews
  • Social Media References
  • Content Page Views
  • Site Speed

3. Google Adwords key tool 

GDKT ( Google Adwords key tool ) is a non-stop tool using by everyone. Many pro bloggers & newbies using this tool  to find top searches keywords for post title. This tools is basically used for top searched keywords. Whenever we need to place a high impact keywords in post title, domain name & in article we mostly used it for this purpose. So guys its indeed a very helpful site for beginner & experts. following things are provided by GDKT.

Goolge Adwords key Tools




  • Top Keywords
  • Top keywords Ideas
  • Top kewyords Ideas Group

4. SEO book

SEO Book is another top pro website that provides several things for seo. seo book is top website consist of multiple seo tools. This site is visited by many pro bloggers for theirs specific Seo strategies. In short this site provides some of the best top 2013 seo tools which helps blogger to find his/her blog websites following things mentioned below:



Top 10 Free SEO Tools


  • Meta Description
  • Page Rank
  • Rank checker
  • Sitemap creator
  • Seo training

5. SEO Quake 

SEO Quake is the top seo tool which provides several things for knowing the following basic things this give an opportunity to check page rank, meta description and many mores. SEO quake is basically a mini plugin which need installation on browsers. So you will be able to work on seo quake once you installed it on browser. This is an advance helpful tools for correct seo.

SEO Quake


Top 10 Free SEO Tools


  • Meta Description
  • Page Rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Page Indexing

6. Woorank 

Woo-rank is the most popular top tool for correct seo rules. This one is the biggest and awesome tool created by pro bloggers. This tools work as per criteria. We can only one time check our blog only for 24 hours by using this tool. the next day you give another chance to check blog statistics. This tool has gain popularity in 2013 years. This is created by David & Melisa. Our editorial team is still using this tools for search engine optimizations



Top 10 Free SEO Tools


  • Website Traffics
  • Website Seo Score
  • Website Speed
  • Website Keywords
  • Blog description
  • Social Media followers
  • Blog Mobile version views

7. SEMrush 

SEMruch is biggest search engine optimization treated encyclopedia & the collection of seo tools. Millions of bloggers landed here & check blog website seo errors. This is most prominent tools for seo which reduce our seo errors by using this amazing tool.



Top 10 Free SEO Tools


  • Page Rank
  • Backlinks
  • Blog statisitics
  • Blog Ranking

8. SEOMoz 

SEOMoz is the most prominent & Pro Blogger Lover tools. SEOmoz tool provide all things about SEO. It is the all-rounder tool which is all about seo. You can easily treat your blog website by using such tools.



Top 10 Free SEO Tools


  • Rank Tracking:
  • Links Analysis
  • Kewords Analysis
  • Crawl Test
  • Social Media Followers

9. Keywords Density Analyzer 

YouCanWriteArticles:  This tools give an opportunity to check blog post keywords limits. By using this tool we can easily know that either we have placed a limited keywords or doing keywords stuffing. So this is a very helpful tool which prevent us from stuffing. We are recommend to newbies must use it before publishing theirs posts articles.


Keywords Density Analyzer Tool


Top 10 Free SEO Tools


  • Indicate Repeated Keywords
  • Checking keywords stuffing
  • Checking keywords limits
  • Helpful for newbies

10. Alexa 

Alexa is the no1 one and top tools still using by all pro bloggers and webmasters. This tool is using for blog ranking world widely. It show the result about world wide and country base. This tool is easily installed on browsers. A mini tool bar will appear after an installation & then you will be able to check blog rank.



Top 10 Free SEO Tools


  • Show Real Blog Ranking
  •  Back-links Checker
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