Stop using your phone if your iPhone receives this message

iOS 16 introduces a number of new enhancements, including the ability to customize the lock screen, live captions and battery percentage display, first unveiled by Apple at the WWDC 2022 event. about a function called “Charging Hold” that prevents fires and explosions by immediately unplugging the charger if it notices that the iPhone is overheating.

Users are encouraged to stop using their iPhone for a while and take steps to cool it down when Charging is displayed, such as:

  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Turn off apps that consume a lot of power while charging
  • Put iPhone in Airplane Mode or turn it off
  • Stop charging the device immediately
  • If you are charging your device in hot weather, move indoors or in a cooler place. Apple recommends that users should use iPhone at below 45 degrees Celsius
  • Remove the iPhone case (if available) to lower the temperature faster: The types of cases that help protect the iPhone also hinder the heat dissipation of the device. In case of overheating, users need to immediately remove the case

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Additionally, for their own safety, users are encouraged to only use MFi approved chargers (Made for iPhone/iPad). According to the MFi certification, this attachment has passed Apple’s quality inspections and won’t damage or interfere with the device. We shouldn’t be judgmental and should always remember to check the iPhone’s battery life and status.

Apple has added a battery monitoring function to iOS 11.3 and later to allow customers to be more proactive in keeping tabs on the health of their iPhone batteries. The optimal time to replace the iPhone battery can be determined as a result.

If you receive such a message, it is best to stop using and leave your phone in a cool place, this will help protect your phone and yourself from unnecessary incidents. yes. And to use it more safely I recommend you go to the store and replace your iPhone battery with a new one. Or if you want to be used for a longer time, you can refer to the iphone 13 pro max model with a large battery capacity that will give you a longer use time.

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