Special Notes for Android Developers in 2015

Special Notes for Android Developers in 2015
Special Notes for Android Developers in 2015

At the present times, Android is known as one of the topmost platforms for designing Android applications be it in terms of functionality or market share. If you see the previous records you will notice that the popularity of Android has been consistently increasing every year. Like every year, this year also app development organizations and programmers have to shift their paradigm in Android application marketing and coding to make maximum profits in their business. It has been expected that the year 2015 is going to be a great year for Android market and they are going to reap their benefits. But if you want the things to happen in reality you need to deploy your following things very effectively.

You Can Always Index Android Apps for a Refined Google Search:

Just like you index your website these application developers can index your applications. This will help online searchers to reach to the content in the application easily. This method can help you in enhancing the presence of your application of your application in the digital market place. You need to study the use of Google webmaster tool to find out how you can boost the presence of your android application on the search engine pages so that you can help your users in increasing their engagement with your application.

Special Notes for Android Developers in 2015
Special Notes for Android Developers in 2015

In this post I have to give you certain tips that you can follow for indexing your mobile application like:

  1. Give Your Development Team A Permission To Use Webmaster Tool

If you really want to have a successful indexing it is important that your development team should know about all the issues related to the content of your application. This will become really easy and possible when your development team will be able to access the complete webmaster tool. The webmaster tools will provide you reports that will compromise the pitfalls in the indexed pages, total number of clicks in the application from Google search and stats of site map. With the help of all this information, developers can improve on their application indexing very efficiently.

  1. Make Sure Google Can Easily Crawl All The Resources

It is very important that all your resources related to your application should be remained unlocked, so that Google should be able to deliver the content very easily with its application page to the users easily. If you find any issue with it like “Content Mismatch”, this clearly shows that there is some blocked content and you have to unblock that page.

  1. You Have To Monitor The Performance Of Your Application Properly

Google offers you reports related to your weekly clicks and the impression updates that you can very easily access from the message centre that is present inside the Webmaster Tools account. Also, you can monitor about the web traffic that your application links are bringing to you. All this will help you in finding out the searcher’s behaviour and will also help you in improving the content.

  1. Check For All The Bugs And Errors In Your Application

Apart from content mismatch and things like Not Supported Internet URL errors, Google also provides android app developers a complete report on some other relevant errors as well like APK not found, this error comes when Google is not able to find out the package that has been associated with the Application, back button violation means the back button in the application is not directing the users to search their results, and No free first-click means the link in the application is not working. So it becomes really important to give a careful look to all such things.

  1. Introduce An Analytics Tool Along With Your App

You can set up your Google analytics with your android application that you have designed in order to find out the behaviour of your application. Google analytics is something that will help you in finding out the behaviour of your application and will also let you know how it is working. Also the application will help you in tracking the app users throughout different mobile devices with Android platform.

  1. Design Your Android Application For Android TV As Well!

People are becoming smart with the smart technology coming these days. Soon Google is planning to launch a Google TV that will compete with the Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV. As per the report analytics the number of smart TV and its accessories will reach to 330 million by the end of the year 2017. Hence, it is needed to design some application that can be used for Android TV.

Well if you are an Android App developer then these are some crucial notes that you need to keep in mind for the year 2015. By keeping in mind you can design android apps that are fruitful and easily accessible by the users. If you are an android developer then it is your duty to add a prefix called ‘perfect’ to your designation. Make it a Perfect Android Developer.

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