Software Nintendo DS 3PC Emulator on PC, is there a real or fake?

Solving the mystery of the Nintendo DS 3PC Emulator

since – was tiny and i have almost reached the thirty – i’ve always liked the scene of the emulation, the other day I was looking for any indication of emulator of the latest portable console of Nintendo and i stop with the Nintendo DS 3PC Emulator (abbreviated as EMU3Ds in the web on the first page of Google. Quickly i went to take a look to see if it was feasible that exist and nothing more view your web i realized that it was a fake, the reason? The first thing that squeaks is to see an image that is too good of the game emulated, because they usually start showing small homebrew type programs or simple games in 2D with abundant errors for very little by little further refine the errors and improving the compatibility.

Image of course emu3Ds 2.0 running Pokemon X
Image of course emu3Ds 2.0 running Pokemon X

Another detail that is enlightening and that gives us an idea of the schlemiel that crook is the webmaster that has created the web, is the fact that catches correspond to the version 2.0 of the emulator and according to the web, the latest update corresponds to the version 0.9.5 .2… EPIC FAIL! But even so I am not downhearted and i go to download section of the web, it is enough to pass the cursor over the download links to see what are simple banners and that the alleged downloading is not by any side. Again the webmaster denotes little intelligence, because it could at least have a hidden link with a acortador type (who also pay for x visits) and would have succeeded in containing the visitor a little more in your web page. By against what he has done has been camouflage another link with the instructions to download the BIOS.

Another detail that amazes me very much is that use of Google Adsense ads, it is assumed that this is a scam and should not be allowed to insert this type of advertising. In regard to his followers that has in the various social, i suppose that many will simply fictitious, created with programs Addmefast style and others will be simple “” cousins with few knowledge of computing.

In summary, this emulator is a total Fake and the only thing you’re looking for in making money with a subject that is currently in vogue and that there are many searches on Google, searches the 3DS Nintendo style PC Emulator or similar.

But the issue does not end here, because the next page that comes up on the subject, called also uses the same system and talk about the same emulator, the quoted emu3Ds, that this time it appears with the version , although incidentally the same list of changes for version , lol.


Nintendo DS 3PC Emulator

The web is easier, but on this occasion using a comments system with multiple questions and positive responses to give plausibility to matter. Of course, all are false and created by the own webmaster, again it is fed by Adsense advertising to deceive users, something that is strictly forbidden according to the policies of this Google service.

We will then exits the web that looks more 2.0 and for my taste is quite more credible, we introduced the emulator “ 3DS Emulator Pro“, has list of compatibility with games and even a download link real toward To download the course emulator i see that occupies a staggering… 52 kb, so something not block and it is simply a graphical interface without anything else.

This time the webmaster has been pimped out” my more than in the previous case, and plays with the theme of the need to have the bios, so that will cost us a warning that we do not have and that if we want we will take you to another link for you to download it, I give that if we directed to another link of where this time the file is nearly 1MB, which paints better, but nothing could be further from the truth, it is an installer which i have not finished running, already in the process that I skip the RegClean Pro detecting 300 errors! In the Windows registry and other places, a program that is also responsible for installing the own installed, which is why we don’t recommend experimenting with this emulator, which is again a clear fake. What it does is install toolbars advertising in browsers, adwares and garbage by the style. It took me a good time leave it as it was before.

The next that comes out in the search result is a YouTube video that makes reference to the web using the acortador, to generate profits to the alleged downloads and the claim is the emulator of Nintendo 3DS and the game Pokemon X. Again this is a fake to executable files that only seek to settle gunk on your computer, the video also has “coincidentally” comments disabled, to avoid negative comments.

I could go on with a multitude of pages that are similar, but not worth wasting more time, none of them is true.

In conclusion, all these emulators of 3DS are simply false and what is true is that the emulation projects that there are today in development for Nintendo portable are much more modest than the previous one, and i found with Citra-emu or 3dmoo on Github that to date only emulate homebrew. I have also found with 3desmume and gbds-emulator in Google Code, but of these has not yet been published source code something, so that i trust them less than they really are of truth. The world of the emulation is not for the impatient and everything suggests that still it will take some time until it is available an emulator for Nintendo 3DS for PC that can run commercial games.

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