Dragon Ball FighterZ – Review the best battle game for fan Dragon Ball

Review Dragon Ball FighterZ
Review Dragon Ball FighterZ

For one person, who is a fan of the Dragon Ball series, games based on this narrative are always appealing. Dragon Ball Fighterz is a good fighting game that has the qualities of the Dragon Ball story. So, what exactly is the Dragon Ball Fighterz game? The game information will be updated as a result of this evaluation.

Fighting game – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon Ball FighterZ

Despite the plethora of Dragon Ball games that have appeared since the manga’s debut in the mid-1980s, the series has never relied on them to maintain its popularity. Most are forgettable, some are decent, and only a few are truly outstanding. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a great game, if not the best, thanks to the talents of developer Arc System Works. Even if you think Dragon Ball is old hat, and even if fighting games scare you, you’ll be drawn into the explosive action and personalities that expertly evoke the anime’s infectious spirit.

Dragon Ball Fighterz is a strong and dramatic 3D antagonistic action game. To win the game, you must utilize your warriors to assault and defeat the other side. Players are given up to three warriors to utilize to eliminate their opponents. However, in each match, all three warriors are there, save for a reserve; if this warrior collapses, a replacement will be present.

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Easy fighting mechanism


Dragon Ball Fighterz's gameplay features a 3 vs 3 mechanism
Dragon Ball Fighterz’s gameplay features a 3 vs 3 mechanism

Dragon Ball Fighterz’s gameplay features a 3 vs 3 mechanism, but at the start of the game, there will only be 1 vs 1 like other fighting games, and players may change the main control character at any moment to have the correct approach to defeat the opponent, or launch stunning combos.

Dragon Ball Fighterz’s control is relatively simple, with only four fundamental buttons: light, medium, powerful, and special attacks – not too tough to launch the eye. Furthermore, the game does not have awkward moving buttons to output, even if the tremendous mobility is pretty easy to compare with other antagonistic games, particularly the two brothers “with his father, different mother”is Guilty Gear and Blazblue. However, it is simple to get used to but tough to master because the game focuses on fundamental methods only, thus at first, you can only “dance ax through the eyes of the worker”.

Dragon Ball Fighterz has a part of the online mode than previous games. We can observe this from the start of the game; there are no dull options, but the game modes are shown in the shape of each region, just as in a genuine online game. In the lobby, you will be assigned a chibi character and will be able to engage with other players from all around the world by using amusing symbols or stickers, or by participating in challenges through direct confrontation battles.

Vivid and unique sound effects

Dragon Ball Fighterz has a vivid, realistic and attractive sound quality. The background music has a quick and exciting rhythm to encourage players before participating in the dramatic battle. With the short dialogue of the character before the match increases the interesting of the game. This is the extremely large plus of Dragon Ball Fighterz game.

High graphics

The Dragon Ball Fighterz game is considered to be a super product in terms of graphics. The graphic style of the game gives players the feeling of watching the cartoon perfectly. The game has a character shaping and color design that is completely similar to the characters in the series of 7 dragon balls. The game brings battles with sharp, vivid graphics quality. From there you can feel true and clear each technique, powerful attack.

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Diverse characters

The 24 characters can be controlled in the match in Dragon Ball Fighterz
The 24 characters can be controlled in the match in Dragon Ball Fighterz

The 24 characters can be controlled in the match in Dragon Ball Fighterz – a number that is not too impressive when placed next to other duo games. However, each character is carefully molded by ARC System Works from shaping to techniques, in order to ensure their amazing performance as possible. With the typical attacks of each person in accordance with the original, each character has its own advantages, so the choice of “power trio” on the journey to conquer the Dragon Ball will be a long process of training And tinkering. But rest assured, time and effort you spend will not waste! The writer himself felt extremely satisfied every time the blow was able to combine the opponent into the air, through the mountains in a eye -catching manner – a factor that was never outdated with the Dragon Ball game series.

Another important aspect is the game’s opening dialogue scenes, which are detailed and customized by Arc System Works based on the three characters in your party. There are no longer a single or two incompatible chants between the members; instead, new lines that closely follow the original plot provide players with a new and extremely exciting feeling every time they begin a new conflict.

Story mode boring

Set in the Dragon Ball Super movie, the storyline of the tale is dedicated to Dragon Ball Fighterz and some new characters to improve the attraction of the Story Mode, however the storytelling of the game is quite weak, which is something that is rarely seen in ARC System Works’ products.

As soon as this mode begins, gamers will be eager to experience the new chapters in the Dragon Ball journey. But that sensation rapidly fades; the player’s duty is easy and rather monotonous: choose a place on the map, watch a few clips, and then defeat clones, each chapter. There will be a major boss who must be defeated. The story’s progression is plodding and unspectacular, and the process of repeating cramped for 10 to 12 hours is a “nightmare.” If you work hard enough, you can unlock hundreds of characters for your squad, as well as experience and goods worth this mode.

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In short, Arc System Works and Bandai Namco Entertainment have opened up a promising future for the famous Dragon Ball game series. No longer dressed as a comic book game, Dragon Ball Fighterz is a wonderful gift that should not be overlooked. Missed for those who have been loving the world of seven dragon balls in particular, as well as those who have been following the antagonistic game line in general, with the graphics and antagonistic mechanisms really peaking at the moment.