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MCPatcher is a very easy sort of mod downloader.

To use it, open MCPatcher then click the ‘+’ button. This will open up your browser. To load a mod, choose the mod you would like to install, then click ‘OK.’ The mod formatting box will show what is inside the mod. When this pops up click ‘OK.’

When you have your mods in, click ‘Patch’ to install them. There are also mods already pre-added on MCPatcher, like HD Texture Support and CTM. Hover your mouse over them so you can learn what they do.

How to install Mcpatcher HD Fix:

The first step is to download the mcpatcher hd fix JAR or EXE file from the web. There are a bunch of different websites from where you can easily download the program. Once done, the next step is to open the program, click on the File drop down menu and then click on ‘Refresh version list’.

Remember, the Mcpatcher HD Fix is only compatible with certain versions of Minecraft, so when refreshed, choose the Minecraft version that you have. Next, choose the set of options that you wish to enable in your gaming experience, and click the ‘Patch’ button.

Launch Minecraft, and then click on Mods and Texture Packs. Browse to the ./ minecraft folder and then find the / resourcepacks folder. Copy all of your packs/ mods in to the / resourcepacks folder. Once you’ve done this, just switch over to the Minecraft window and shuffle the texture pack. You’re good to go, all textures will be enabled!

Download Links:

mcpatcher 1.16.4

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