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[PC + MAC] How To completely Uninstall Minecraft Forge

How To completely Uninstall Minecraft Forge?

[PC + MAC]

Step 1: Go to Minecraft Folder

Step 2: Delete all version on /Roaming/.minecraft/versions/

Step 3: Delete all file on Mod Folder


Recently I have installed Minecraft Forge MC 1.16.5 and wanted to download a couple of mods for Minecraft 1.16.5. I then started to notice that one or two mods (or more) required a higher version of Forge (the one that I wanted to install was version 1.16.5- 36.0.48).

I’ve seen videos on how to remove an old version of Forge completely (which involves going to the roaming section of Minecraft, going to versions, and then deleting the old Forge version), but then got stuck on the part where you have to delete the old Forge on the launcher.


Pretty sure you have to go to the ‘Installations’ tab, then go down to Forge (whatever version you have), then click the three dots to open up the drop-down menu, and from there you can click ‘Delete’. I’m not 100% about whether or not this gets rid of it completely, but it should remove it from the game. idk, I’ve never needed/wanted to get rid of Forge

Video Tutorial:

Reinstall Minecraft Forge:

Go to the Website MC Forge or files.minecraftforge .net and download the latest version 1.16.5 installer or older compatible with your system and establish. And click the download button, If you are on Windows, please download Windows Installer. For Mac / Linux, download the Regular Installer.

Click install Minecraft Forge; The new version will overwrite the old version of Minecraft Forge

Locate the minecraft application folder.

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