Paranoid Android has released its roadmap going forward with their release for Android 4.4 KitKat

Paranoid Android has released its roadmap going forward with their release for Android 4.4 KitKat. In it, the conglomeration of developers has announced that they will be redoing the custom ROM from scratch, focusing the team on official and stable ports for devices, and trying to remain “true to stock Android.”

The announcement comes just days after the latest revelation of CyanogenMod falling into the arms of angel investors and moving towards a more mainstream model with their custom ROM. The team behind Paranoid Android looks like they’re swooping to take over the users that may shy away from the “dumbing” down of CyanogenMod, or as some people have put it, “selling out”.

Within the scope of their roadmap for Android 4.4, the team has revealed that they will rebuild Paranoid Android from the ground up. Features will be polished and integrated properly and stably and the focus will be “on modular design and clean features”. As to whether this rebuild will have any considerable delays in getting released, it’s too hard to tell and we will need to wait and see.

As well, they’ve announced that the “entire PA family will support singles devices, all our combined skills will come together for something truly awesome.” In this sense, the team seems to be making a step in the right direction in terms of releases. Instead of having individual device maintainers and possibly shoddy code, they will all collaborate to ensure proper and stable releases for each Android device. Furthermore, they plan on reducing the amount of “kanging”, or borrowing, of other people’s code in their source. With previous versions of PA, the CyanogenMod quick toggles were “borrowed” in their source code and going forward, they hope to rewrite everything on their own to make it their own.

The roadmap to the latest version of Paranoid Android has some big changes planned. 

A friendlier type of Paranoid Android

The last little tid-bit in regards to the rewrite is as follows: ”Another thing that is of great importance to us is steering this thing away from the hacky ROM scene.” This most likely means that PA is hoping to steer their ROM into a more user-friendly territory. Without having to know your way around a command line or reading how-to’s from a random forum post, they hope to make some official guides on how to install and flash your device as well as create a more friendly ROM. While this might not be the best news for power users who are looking for that type of challenge, it does appeal to the masses that want to root their device but would have never taken on the challenge.

In our initial test of the Paranoid Android custom ROM, Nico had good things to say about his initial impressions of it. Here’s to hoping that the reaction will be the same once the developing team releases their brand new version of Paranoid Android in the coming months.

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