PageRank Update From Google In June 2013?

Will there be a Google page rank update in June 2013? Is a Google page rank update scheduled for June this year?

Today Google Update pagerank 6/12/2013. I’m felling
Are just a couple of questions I am sure every blogger including myself are having at the moment.It has been a little over a couple of months since the last Google pagerank update and hence we are all looking forward to the day the next Google pagerank update will appear in our toolbars to see how much our site has improved in the eyes of Google.

Although Google pagerank is not an indication of the search engine rankings or SEO efforts of a blogger towards his blog, it is still loved by all bloggers as it gives them some bragging rights over other bloggers.

 PageRank Update From Google In June 2013?
PageRank Update From Google In June 2013?

Google pagerank is not an indication of how a blog or a website will perform in Google search.
-Matt Cutts

But we bloggers still look forward to the day the next pagerank update occurs very eagerly.We all want a good pagerank as it will attract more visitors and advertisers, more on that another day.

We are in that time of the 3 month gap between two pagerank updates when bloggers start the gossip running in Facebook and Twitter about the next pagerank update, which is likely to occur in June 2013.

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Here is the estimated schedule for Google pagerank updates this year –

Update 1 – February 6 (Confirmed)
Update 1 – June last week to July first week
Update 1 – September last week to October first week
Update 1 – December last week

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Will there be a Google pagerank update in June 2013?

Today Google Update pagerank 6/12/2013. I’m felling 

Yes, there is a 90% probability that a pagerank update is just around the corner.But we will have to wait at-least until the third week of June to actually see the PR update.

Do not expect rapid increases in pagerank, it is one of the most slow moving stats of a blog.Any PR above 3 is pretty good 🙂 So be happy with what you get!

Are you eager to see your blogs PR in the next PR update? If so, what PR are you expecting for your blog? Do let me know in the comments.

Yes Today Google Update Pagerank. My website update PR 4. Thank!

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