The optimal class setup and accessories for the MAC-10 Warzone

Act quickly and set up this MAC-10 Warzone loadout as one of your classes because it continues to be one of the finest for SMG players in this season of Warzone.

SMGs are essential in the Warzone meta because of how well they perform at close range. A decent SMG needs to have quick ADS times, rapid fire rates, and swift movement speeds.

The MAC-10 is one such weapon that possesses all of those components and, despite a few nerfs, is recognized as one of the best Warzone weapons. The greatest MAC-10 Warzone loadout can annihilate just much everyone blocking your path at a range of less than ten meters and can still perform admirably with the correct attachments at medium range.

If you enjoy sliding about Verdansk and throwing some shoulders, the MAC-10 is the gun for you because it has some of the finest movement stats in the game. It even appears in our esteemed best Warzone loadout guide. It’s the ideal weapon for overly aggressive players who aim for high-kill games. Naturally, the regular equipment won’t cut it, so we’ve chosen the ideal MAC-10 Warzone loadout for every circumstance.

We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering how to make the most of the MAC-10. read more mac 10 loadout

Close-range MAC-10 Warzone loadout best

The following attachments make up the ideal MAC-10 Warzone loadout:Agency Resistant

Task Force 5.9″

Rogue Stock

Drum Magazine STANAG 53 Rnd

Team Tiger Spotlight

This MAC-10 is a true online beast. The 5.9′′ barrel and Agency Suppressor both enhance the gun’s range and vertical recoil control as well as its velocity and damage range. In our MAC-10 Warzone loadout, the Tiger Team Spotlight takes the place of the Speed Grip because it increases movement and aim walking speed, both of which are essential for Rebirth Island games.

The 53 Rnd Drum Mag, which increases your ammo supply, and the Raider Stock, which increases ADS firing move speed, aim walking movement speed, and sprint to fire time, complete the build.

As you sprint head-on at your foes holding this monster in your hands, you won’t be more than a blur to them thanks to the maximum mobility that this MAC-10 Warzone loadout delivers.

MAC-10 Warzone loadout advantages and tools

We advise using the tried-and-true combination of the perks Double Time, Overkill, and Combat Scout. In terms of gear, a Heartbeat Sensor and Semtex will be quite helpful.

Try out this MAC-10 Warzone loadout if sneaking into a room and wiping out an entire team before they can accuse you of hacking is your thing. You won’t be sorry.