Now You Can Create Your Own Avatar On WhatsApp App 

WhatsApp app

WhatsApp app, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, is making some major changes so that the users might have a better experience while sending messages. A few days ago, the Meta-owned chat app announced the new update with customizable avatars and stickers in a blog post. The official version will be released soon afterwards.  

WhatsApp appSource: Meta

The avatar feature is no longer new to the users of Facebook Messenger or Apple iMessage. In these two chat apps, you can already create your own avatars with the features of your true self including the hair, eyes, nose, lips, skin color… After creating your own avatar, these apps also allow you to create different stickers with different emotions based on the basic emojis. Therefore, this feature is really familiar on the WhatsApp app. Once you finish customizing your own avatar, you can send 36 different stickers with emotions and actions to your friends and family. It is going to make texting way more interesting and exciting. 

WhatsApp appSource: Meta

Meta’s WhatsApp is making changes to compete with its rivals, especially iMessage. Recent updates of this messaging app consist of the ability to send notes to oneself, create large Communities similar to Telegram’s Groups and Discord’s Channels and 32-individual video calls. These are all parts of Meta’s huge advertising campaign to keep up and increase WhatsApp’s market share. 

The messaging market is now the competition between Meta’s Messenger and WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage, Snapchat, Telegram. Meanwhile, QQ and WeChat dominate that 1.4-billion user market in Mainland China. Unlike iMessage and Google’s Message app, WhatsApp and the others are not limited to only one mobile operating system. You can be an iOS user or Android user and you might still freely download, send and receive messages through these messaging apps without difficulties. Recently, Apple also updated iMessage with several new features on the heels of the iOS 16 launching. These include the ability to unsend and edit text messages. 

WhatsApp appSource: Meta

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, former employees of Yahoo!. In 2014, it was acquired by Meta Platforms (then Facebook, Inc.). This application lets users send text and voice messages internationally without any fee. Within more than 10 years, it has become the most popular message app in the world and tops the market in several countries including countries in 5 continents. It has stayed at this position ever since 2015 with over 2 billion users worldwide. 

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