Not Enough Items 1.12.2 for minecraft

If you need an antidote to the pain of alt-tabbing to a wiki while playing Minecraft then turn to Not Enough Items (or NEI). It lets you look up the recipe for any item from any installed Minecraft mod through a nifty interface on Minecraft’s inventory screen.

Features :

  • The black enclosed rectangle at the bottom of the NEI screen is the Item Search Window. In the Item Panel, only objects that comprise the text will be seen in the Item Search field.
  • By choosing the Creative mode, the player takes command of more features in the game and absolute resistance to damage.
  • The four buttons are time-set buttons with the sun and moon. When you press, it sets the time for Morning, Midday, Evening, and Midnight.
  • The Radio Subsets Item option is a drop-down menu that shows all the items it includes and covers them all by right-clicking.
  • Recipe view displays all the possibilities the item can be created with a Crafting Bench, Furnace, Brewing Stand, or other custom-made Stock.
  • If a player presses the usage key when swinging over an item, NEI will show the usage of that item
  • Enchantment Selector GUI allows the user to place an object in the slot and choose the enchantments and tier from the enchantment table.
  • There are seven save states that will save all of your supplies and armor.

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Not Enough Items

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