Why We NEED to Bring ‘Night Court’ Back

A classic television sitcom that can never be redone is one where the cast isn’t missed. But when a show has a memorable ensemble and writing team, it can certainly be revived. That’s the case with “Night Court”, an NBC comedy from the 1980s that starred John O. Read more night court reboot

It’s a show that’s full of familiar faces

There’s something charming and nostalgic about a show that can bring together beloved actors from the past. The cast of Night Court is a perfect example of this. There are plenty of familiar faces from other classic sitcoms, and a few from film and TV dramas. In fact, this cast is so stacked with gems that it’s almost certain that each episode could be a showcase for a different star. From William Shatner and Nathan Fillion to Harry Anderson and Markie Post, the Night Court cast would be a treat for any fan of retro TV.

It’ll be a welcome addition to ABC’s lineup

As we’ve touched on, there are plenty of people who’d love to see Night Court return to TV. But will ABC be pleased to welcome the show into its lineup? It’s true that ABC has been bringing back a number of comedies. Some of those include Roseanne, Last Man Standing, and the upcoming and long-awaited return of Murphy Brown. But Night Court is a show that could easily fit in with ABC’s other additions. It’s just a different era of comedy. ABC has made a conscious effort to diversify its shows. And with the addition of Night Court, it would continue that tradition.

It will introduce new audiences to an old favorite

While a reboot should never replace the original, it can certainly bring new fans to an older show. NBC’s recent reboot of Will and Grace brought in an entirely new audience to an older show. Similarly, if Night Court is brought back to life, it’ll be a chance for a new generation to discover the comedy. There are plenty of reboots that are sought after. It gives fans of the original something to look forward to, and it gives a whole new generation a chance to enjoy it as well.

It will feature more diversity in its cast and crew

One of the most noticeable changes to the world of TV in recent years has been the increase in diversity. From the rise in shows featuring people of color and LGBTQ characters to the growing presence of women behind the scenes, the industry has changed a lot. Night Court, like a lot of ’80s and ’90s sitcoms, is a bit less diverse than we’d like to see today. While the show featured several actors of color in recurring roles (most notably Robert Townsend as Bull), it was still far from perfect. That said, rebooting the series would give the opportunity to increase diversity in a variety of ways. Not only would it bring in more actors of color, but it would give more opportunities to those behind the scenes as well.

What we know about casting so far is phenomenal

While we don’t know who will be cast in the lead roles, we know that there’s plenty of diversity being considered. The reboot will be led by showrunner Mark Fish, who also worked on The Rookie. He’s been vocal about his desire to bring in more diverse actors and crew members. We also know that the original series was set in the fictional city of New York. Yet the reboot would be set in Los Angeles, which would be a welcome addition to ABC’s lineup. Fish has also said that he’s hoping to cast not just one woman, but a group of women, which would open up the series to more diversity.

The multi-camera Night Court is inspired by Reinhold Weege’s original show and follows outspoken optimist judge Abby Stone (Rauch). She is the daughter of the late Harry Stone and presides over the night duty of a Manhattan arraignment court, attempting to restore order to its crew of oddballs and cynics, following in her father’s footsteps. Former night court prosecutor Dan Fielding is one of them, with Larroquette resuming his role.

Bottom line: Night Court is a reboot we can get behind

The decision to reboot Night Court is a smart one. The series is a classic, but it has the potential to be so much more. It would bring a new audience to an older show, and it would increase diversity in the process. It would be a welcome addition to ABC’s lineup and would continue the network’s tradition of bringing back shows that people love. We know there’s a new generation of fans waiting to see it. Why wait when we can have it right now? Let’s bring Night Court back to life!