What does iPhone 13 Pro have?

About iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro will do for the “largest camera update ever” on an iPhone; it doesn’t need to be a large iPhone, at least not a Max-sized one. In contrast to previous year, when only the 12 Pro Max received the best camera system, the distinctions between the two Pro sizes this year are based only on quantity rather than quality. Watch the video below to feel and see the difference.

The same component found in the Max is also found in the compact Pro, which features an all-new main camera with a larger sensor that moves for image stabilization. Additionally, it has the Max’s 3x telephoto, which is now longer. We’re happy that Apple has eliminated the gap between the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, which was stymied in these two areas last year. Another feature shared by the two Pros is the new ultrawide with autofocus and close-up photography.

Additionally, the 13 Pro receives the ProMotion display in addition to the cameras.


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The 13 Pro also receives other updates that are common to the entire lineup. The boost in battery capacity is only 10%, which isn’t much, but the adaptive refresh will contribute to increased longevity. As usual, the A15 chipset is slightly more potent than the previous one—possibly excessively so when compared to non-Apples devices. The 20% reduction in notch size is also worth mentioning, if only for the statement’s comic value rather than its relevance.

Accessories inside the iPhone 13 Pro box

In 2021, the Apple unpacking event from 2020 will return with a new twist. Black indicates Pro, white indicates vanilla, on the lid of the box is still printed with the phone in the color of the interior. You’ll probably enjoy the novelty of the paper seal tearing along its dotted line, brought about by an advancement in packaging that eliminates the plastic outer sleeve.

Everything else is secondary to what’s contained inside the flat box, and there isn’t much of it. You only receive the iPhone 13 Pro, a USB-C to Lightning cable, a SIM pin, and an Apple sticker; everything else is merely manuals.

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