iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21: Which Smartphone Has the Longest Battery Life?

It appears that Apple was not exaggerating when they said the iPhone 13 lineup has better battery life than ever. The iPhone 13 Pro Max was just put to the test against Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and it came out on top, proving to be the longest-lasting smartphone tested by PhoneBuff.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Beats Samsung Galaxy S21 in Battery Life Test

Apple has always been known for making smartphones with great battery life, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is no exception. In a recent test against Samsung’s Galaxy S21, the iPhone 13 Pro Max came out on top as the longest-lasting smartphone. This is likely due to Apple’s focus on battery life with the iPhone 13 lineup, which includes the iPhone 13 Pro Max. With its 120Hz ProMotion display, the iPhone 13 Pro Max offers even better battery life than its predecessor!

This is great news for Apple fans who were worried about the iPhone 13 lineup’s battery life. With the addition of the 120Hz ProMotion display, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is sure to last even longer than its predecessors!

The iPhone 13 Pro Max was able to outlast Samsung’s Galaxy S21 by 2 hours and became the all time champion in Phone Buff’s tests. This is due to Apple finely tuning their integration between hardware, software & battery life with this latest model that features a 4352 mAh capacity compared against 5000mAh for Android counterparts like Google Pixel 3 XL (5180mah) or Huawei Nova launch telecom subsidiary lobster progression phone 3955 milliwatt.

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