Instructions to download and install Tinkers’ Construct Mod 1.12.2

Tinkers ‘Construct Mod 1.12.2 / 1.11.2 is a great mod to build, repair and even modify tools and weapons in Minecraft. You can also forge metals to create more powerful weapons and tools to add to your arsenal. You will start with a notebook. This will be your # 1 tool in figuring out everything you can do with this mod. It is full of formulas and instructions to make this mod easier to understand. There are also 4 other craft books to help with more advanced features.


Mods derived from templates you create eventually create different sections for your desired tools and weapons. The panels you will need are the crafter, part builder, stencil table, tool station, and tool forge to get the basics.
The Stencil Table allows you to turn blank templates into partial blueprints. You then use them to create the basic pieces that will craft your tools or weapons. That is very simple but can be overwhelming with how many combinations you can make. That’s where your books will come in handy so check out them regularly.
Advanced tools appear when you build a smelter. This allows you to smelt the metal into stronger parts for your tools. The mod also adds a few new ores to the game that only further enhances your tools beyond the diamond’s capabilities.
So once you have a smelter and some metal is melted down, you can create billets from wooden tool parts. Then use workpieces with stronger metals to create stronger parts. It’s like turning Minecraft into an RPG with tools to level up and upgrade their abilities and add new parts to them.
And once you really get the hang of the mod, you should be able to give your tools special modifications like auto-repair. So when your tool starts to degrade, it will actually fix itself over time. Basically, you can dazzle your tools without any prior experience. It works completely apart from the items you have in your inventory. So instead of delving into magic and XP to boost your tools, you can choose to work hard and determined with this mod.
This mod will depend a lot on the reference of in-game instructions. They will help you a lot in your new trade skills. Up to the point where you can craft yourself a really powerful hammer and shoot through your mines in 3 × 3 blocks. It’s really efficient at fast mining with great productivity and results. great. There’s a lot to do with this mod, so discover new tools!

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Tinkers Construct Mod 1.12.2

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