Vmaker, screen recording software is being trusted by a lot of people

Currently Vmaker is a community of more than 100 thousand active users. Since our first launch in 2021, we’ve been working hard to develop our products and enhance the user experience in the best ways. We’re excited to now see so many content creators, YouTube users, educators, salespeople, marketers, and so many others using Vmaker in their lives and for their day-to-day work.

Where was Vmaker born?

Vmaker was born when our colleagues at Animaker started looking for a powerful screen recording software that allowed them to record, edit, store, share, and track video metrics in the same place. They want a product that helps them get all their work done in one go because they’re not happy to have to choose between multiple software.

Since then Vmaker has been born. It was created to serve as a one-stop solution that makes it easy for people to record, edit, play, and share videos without investing in multiple tools. Now, as we move forward, we want to shed light on how all this started and give you a complete guide on the journey so far.

First product launch

Since our only goal was to develop a product that made video creation and video communication simpler, we decided we needed a strong team that shared the same vision and goal. So, we put together a solid workforce and worked towards our first launch.
Within Dec 2020, we were able to launch Vmaker’s mac application. Everyone from the marketing, development, support and design team came together and launched our first mac application on Product Hunt.

We have received a warm reception and our journey has officially begun until now.


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