5 Free VPN Extension That Still Work in 2020

Either you are a professional IT expert or just an ordinary internet user, the probability of hackers’ attack is the same for you. Mayhap, many of our readers would be aware of VPN services and how they work. However, it is a misconception among people that VPN extensions or apps are only used to access a banned site which is totally wrong. In actual, VPN extensions offer a high level of security while online browsing to its users. That’s why we decided to share reliable free VPN extensions with readers.

HOLA VPN — Easy to Use Free VPN Extension

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use VPN, then HOLA is the best choice. Mainly for newbies, it works fantastically, especially when it is about to access a blocked site. It has almost 189 million users around the globe, and you can just install this free VPN extension with one click at your browser.

HOLA - free vpn extension

Setup VPN — A Fast VPN Extension

On the other hand, if you are looking for a breakneck speed VPN for your browser, then Setup VPN should be your first choice. With more than 901,453 users around the globe, it listed its name among the best free VPN extensions of the world in a short span of time. It almost works in an excellent manner for all browsers but it offers out of the box features to Chrome users.


Setup VPN - Free VPN

ZenMate VPN

Maybe many of you would consider ZenMate VPN in the category of premium VPN extensions but in actual, it also provides free VPN extensions with locations of the United States, Germany, HongKong, and Romania. In this regard, you only need to register yourself at ZenMate with your email address and verify it. Now, you can use the free version of ZenMate extension. It is a very reliable VPN extension that I have personally used.

zenmate vpn

Betternet — A Popular VPN Extension

On the other hand, if you are willing to go with some popular options, then I would suggest you to go with Betternet. It’s basically a premium VPN service, but you can use limited features of VPN extension with its free version. Luckily, it doesn’t ask for any login detail from the user, and you can use it with great ease.




RusVPN — A Reliable Free VPN Extension

In the same token, if you are looking for a high-quality VPN extension or service, then you should go with RusVPN. They are outstanding in their services. Though they have a variety of paid facilities but you can also go with its free VPN services. They have almost 338 servers at distinct locations that also help to improve its speed.

rusvpn - free vpn


If you are looking for more security and features then you can see ExpressVPN price and packages including all the best VPNs from here. All in all, the primary purpose of sharing this article is to make our readers aware of the use of VPN extensions and give them complete knowledge about how they can go with free VPN options.