Flexible screen Samsung Galaxy Note 3 confirmed

Flexible screen Samsung Galaxy Note 3 confirmed, announced, and will be released forgeneral sale tomorrow, September 25th. However, there has been confirmation that Samsung will be producing Galaxy Note 3 in a new variant: with flexible glass.


Flexible display, unflexible device

The downside to this news, despite Samsung using a flexible display, the device itself won’t bend. The special screen itself will, however, increase the toughness of the display in the Galaxy Note 3, which could always use a bit of a boost in that department. With the display of the Galaxy Note 3 coming in around 5.7-inches, that’s a large bull’s eye for damage.

While the device is still constrained by the body and physical parts inside it, it might be a step in the right direction. With the added toughness to the display it will also provide a proving ground for the display itself to see how it holds up in the wild. With some configurations and some possible screen changes, such as we saw in the Galaxy S5 mock-up that we reported on earlier this week, this could provide an interesting direction for new smartphone designs.

Could this mock-up hold some more truth behind what the future for the Galaxy line holds? / © galaxys5info.com

The Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display is expected to be available in the final quarter of 2013 with a suspected limited production run sometime in October.

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