Enhanced Native Trainer 42-41-40-39

Enhanced Native Trainer 42-41-40-39 The new version added all vehicles and opportunities from the latest release of Nightlife!To open trainer press F4.

Enhanced Native Trainer Features:

– Skin customiser.
– Vehicle customiser.
– Weapon customiser.
– Organised & extra vehicles.
– Organised & extra teleport locations.
– Ability to save vehicles & skins.
– Many additional general options.
– Saves-restores settings across multiple uses.
– Controller support.
-Added a ‘Player Can Be Headshot’ option.
-Added a missing ‘BZ Gas’ weapon.
-Added a ‘Drop Anchor’ option under the ‘Vehicle Control’ menu.
-Added a ‘Peds Do Not Drop Weapons On Death’ option.

How to install:

For installation details and keys/controls, and what’s new in each release, please read the document in the ZIP.

This will tell you, for example, that by default, game controls are disabled whilst in the menu, but that you can turn this off in Miscellaneous > Trainer Options. See, useful.

You can redefine the keys using the supplied XML, which should be placed in the game directory.

Enhanced Native Trainer 42-41-40-39 Download:

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1587136301

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