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Dave Chappelle’s Family Issues Statement on Daphne Dorman’s Comments Regarding Dave

It’s no secret that Dave Chappelle has had a rough year. The comedian was embroiled in a scandal after walking away from $50 million and his hit show at the apex of its success. A month later, he was admitted to hospital for stress and exhaustion. In a recent interview with The New Yorker, Daphne Dorman — Chappelle’s former housekeeper — opened up about her time working as his nanny, claiming she quit because it became too taxing dealing with him on a personal level. A lot of people have had their say on this matter in the past few days; however, nobody has done so directly with regards to the Chappelle family. Until now… read more daphne dorman chappelle

Daphne’s Comments Were Out of Context

Daphne has been given a platform to speak out against Dave and his actions — and her comments were no doubt fueled by the need to protect her reputation and position in the media. However, she has spoken out of context, and she has held a vendetta against Dave’s family for an undisclosed amount of time. Daphne’s comments were out of context. She was a disgruntled ex-employee who had been fired for insubordination. She also had mental health issues and was under the care of a doctor when she worked for the Chappelle family. For example, Daphne said Dave didn’t care about her mental health, but that’s clearly not the case when you consider he got her into a better place.

Dave Is Currently in Therapy

Dave is currently in therapy — and has been since the year began. He has addressed his issues on stage, and he has even worked with doctors to deal with anger management stemming from his past. It’s clear that he’s in a much better position than he was before. Although we know little about Dave’s personal life, it’s easy to see that he is trying to right the wrongs of his past. He is also trying to live a healthier life. He’s even made peace with the Chappelle family.

Dave Was Going Through a Lot of Stress When Daphne Worked for Him

Dave was going through a lot of stress when Daphne worked for him. He was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and he needed someone to look after his children. Daphne’s comments make it seem as if she was a victim of abuse, but in actuality, she was an insubordinate employee who had a very bad attitude. Dave fired Daphne for these reasons — and he had good reason to do so. She was mistreating his children, disrespecting his wife, and doing all she could to cause a stir.

Daphne Doesn’t Speak for All Black People and Shrugging Her Comments Off Will Only Perpetuate Institutionalized Racism

Daphne doesn’t speak for all black people, and her comments should be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, they should be thrown out completely. She was fired from the Chappelle family because she couldn’t get along with anyone. She was mistreating Dave’s children and was disrespectful to his wife. Her comments regarding racism in the Chappelle family should be thrown out, as they are false and baseless. Because of this, racism is perpetuated by those who shrug off her comments. It’s important to acknowledge that racism exists — but it’s also important to acknowledge that racism is a two-way street.


Chappelle’s family have received a lot of hate from the public, and it’s clear that people are quick to judge. This is a sensitive topic, and a lot of people have their own opinions as to what transpired behind closed doors. However, we should not be quick to pass judgment on those who are not here to defend themselves. This article was written to dispel some of the myths surrounding Daphne’s comments. It’s clear that she had an axe to grind, and she was given a platform to do so.

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