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images (2)If your site’s traffic takes a nosedive overnight, how do you know what caused the drop in traffic? Search engines change their algorithm often, so that can cause a drop in search engine traffic. Novice SEO DIYers and webmasters also make mistakes that can cost them search engine rank, so how do you know what happened to cause the drop? Luckily, there are ways to analyze your site’s traffic to determine what may have caused the sudden traffic drop, and you can use this date to improve your site’s content and regain your position in search results

How to Find Out

Fruition has a free Google Penalty Checker that checks your website to see which elements of your site may be performing poorly – and which ones are working well. The easy-to-use tool uses your Google Analytics account to generate reports on your website and give you data to help improve your site.

The Google Penalty tool lists all of the updates from Google and how they affected your site. It displays this information in a histogram, so you can quickly see what Google updates affected you and how. You’ll see at a glance whether your traffic decreased, increased or stayed the same just after an update.

What Caused The Decrease?

Webmasters were not always fortunate enough to be able to find out what caused the drop in traffic. If it happened around the same time as the Google algorithms change, the drop was blamed on the update. Sometimes search engines update their algorithm several times in a few weeks, so how do you know which one affected your site’s rank? It’s important to know which update affected your site so you know what to fix in order to regain traffic.

Use your Google Analytics to help you determine what caused the decrease in traffic. Look at your traffic from referring sites to see if maybe you lost some valuable links from other sites. Also compare organic traffic over the last several weeks or months. Compare the number of visits for your site’s keywords to see if you are losing traffic from one or more specific keywords

Improve Search Results

The Google algorithm change that affected sites the most was the Panda update in December 2012. This change affected both large and small websites, but most large websites regained traffic with an algorithm update in January.

Always avoid keyword stuffing because more is not always better when it comes to page rank. Also avoid getting backlinks from poor quality sites because these will penalize your site rather than improve its rank.

Google, and other search engines, do not publicly state when their updates will be nor what has changed in the update. Remember, they all have human website evaluators that can easily determine if a website is relevant or not. Stay up to par with Google’s current algorithm changes and remain at the top of the search list.

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