CES 2013: Accessories iPhone variable,snappgrip Galaxy S3 camera

CES 2013: Accessories iPhone variable,snappgrip Galaxy S3 camera.Snappgrip accessories help users iPhone or Galaxy S3 photographed by a hand instead of “hand press, hand-holding” as today.

Starting from a project small prototype Snappgrip have appeared at the CES 2013 show on 8/1. This is essentially a protective shell cum grip, can be attached to the back of your iPhone or Galaxy S3, turning the device into the camera immediately. Grip application using Bluetooth and iOS / Android to control the camera on the iPhone, the Galaxy S3 wireless.

As new in original form, Snappgrip not give the desired results in test time. Once attached to the smartphone, users can zoom to, small;-focus; regime change with one hand as still photography with a digital camera. The time, prototype Snappgrip compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5 and the manufacturer is planning to build version for Galaxy S3. Of course, the fate of this accessory depends on investors’ capital in order to turn the project into reality.

Actual photo accessories Snap Grip:


Snappgrip6 Snappgrip5 Snappgrip4 Snappgrip3 Snappgrip2 Snappgrip

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