The Black Phone IsBack: The Top Rating Place For Red State News

If you’re looking for a small, rural town that has it all – a perfect mix of people, a great local history and an excellent sense of community – look no further than Blackville. As the name suggests, this is a black town in South Carolina. But it also has everything red state: thick forests, mountains, lakes and streams all with access to fresh water. It’s perfect for news and information sharing. So here’s why you should sign up for your Black Phone again: Read more the black phone rotten tomatoes

What makes a red state town great for news and information sharing?

The first and foremost reason people want to keep their phone in their car and on the dashboard is convenience. If you don’t mind a long commute and don’t mind having to walk or take the bus to get to work or the grocery store, being able to share information and even send pictures and videos is priceless. You’re also more likely to find relevant information on the phone if it’s been a while, which is great for keeping your contacts updated.

Rich history

Blackville was the first black town in South Carolina to become a city in 1889. The Black people of Blackville were amongst the first group to vote in the South to become state senators. This event marks the start of the long-awaited ‘Black Civil Rights Movement’. Black people didn’t just vote; they were the ones who were educated, lawyers, doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Solid public transportation

Transportation isn’t a luxury that people in other parts of the world have. In fact, it’s a necessity and one of the most important things you can do in life to make yourself happy. If you’re able to get around by public transportation, you’re able to get where you need to go without having to drive or walk.

Great place to host an event or a gathering

Hate parties? No worries. It’s not just about the music and the drinks; it’s about your ability to host an event and to bring people together. If you want to be known as a great place to host an event or a gathering, you need to have a great connection with the neighborhood, your fellow guests and your hosts. If you can’t get to the event, someone will help out; there’s no need to be a hassle.

Great place to work

If you’re looking for a safe, affordable place to work, then Blackville is the place for you. The Black state has the best job market in the country, according to a recent study, and that’s not just because of the great town-life and easy commute. The city has also a rich history dating back to the Civil War, and is also a great place to start a business. Blackville is also home to a great number of great colleges and universities.

Good schools

If you have the wherewithal to attend a public or private school in Blackville, you’re probably in good company. The state’s top-performing public school, South Mountain, is located right on the edge of Blackville and it’s charm is all due to the location.

Good weather/sandy conditions: The choice is yours!

If you’re finding it difficult to stay warm or keep your shoes from getting saturated in the cold weather, it might be worth changing your winter mode. It’s not unusual for the weather in Blackville to drop below freezing in February, and then to rise above freezing in November. So if you’re looking for the perfect winter getaway, it’s probably a good idea to switch up your plans.

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Bottom line

Well, that was a long way to go from nothing to being one of the most important cities in the world. Blackville is a great place to call home, filled with rich history, easy access to fresh water, and great public transportation. For the right person, Blackville might just be the perfect place to start their new job or build a business.