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Shorten, share and track

Your shortened URLs can be used in publications, advertisements, blogs, forums, e-mails, instant messages, and other locations. Track statistics for your business and projects by monitoring the number of hits from your URL with the click counter, you do not have to register.


Shorten multiple urls

Google shorten link

Google offers URL shortening services to its users, leaving it easier for users to share their links with Google URL shortener. Creating a shortened link on Google was completely free and easy, involving several simple steps:

  • Visit the Google URL shortener at
  • Sign in (if you have not had an account, Click Create an account)
  • Paste the long URL that you wish to shorten in the box
  • Click “Shorten URL”

After that, you will see a long version and a shortened version of the link. This link is permanent once being created except it needs to be removed for spam, privacy, or other legal reasons.

You also can track the number of people clicking on your shortened URL with a Google URL shortener. Detailed information about the URL’s use, including countries where people clicking on the link, browsers, and platform accessing it can be found. Just add .info at the end of the shortened URL.

Despite how amazing and convenient it is to use the Google URL shortener, Google still decided to kill this tool. The change was publicly announced in March 2018. It was the time Google shut down the service for new users. And as of March 2019, longtime users were no longer able to shorten their links using this service.

The good news was that all the URLs you have made in the past have been continuously working. This was pointed out in Google announcement “While most features of will eventually sunset, all existing links will continue to redirect to the intended destination

So what does this mean to longtime shortener users? The good news was that they did not have to worry about their previous shortened links and the bad news was that they have to find another URL shortener. This would be a tough decision because you have to find an amazing one to replace Google URL shortener. used to be the first choice of many people not only because of its ability to create shortened links in a short time but also because of great analytics features.

So which shortener can be a promising candidate after 9bitly may be the one you are looking for thanks to their excellent features.

How to use URL shortener

Among many URL shorteners available on the internet, 9bitly ( stands out as a free shortener providing a quick shortening service. There is no need to pay anything to get a beautiful and permanent link. This is also the reason many people support this URL shortener. After shortening the URL, check how many clicks it received.

Before you use this amazing shortener, please ensure that you have read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy because once you click the Shorten button, you agree with all the terms and policies of the website.

The dashboard of the URL shortener allows those who have no idea of what is technology to use it with no difficulty. In the middle of the screen, you will see a box saying “Shorten your link”. Paste the link needed to be shortened in the box and click the “Shorten” button. After that, you will see a box with Link Bitly, Stats URL, and original URL. Click on the “COPPY” button next to the link Bitly and paste it to wherever you wish to.

Another link here is Stats URL. Go to the link and you will get more information about your shortened link such as the original (long) link, the shortened link, date of creation, total clicks, short URL length and original URL length.


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