The Best Fonts for Beautiful Subtitles

Adding subtitles can be said to be very important because subtitles help your audience understand the action in your video.

It can be difficult to choose a typeface from all the available options. We’ve compiled a list of the top beneficial fonts for subtitles and contributing subtitles that offer the best readability, keeping in mind many different aspects. Some big companies like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and others prefer these typefaces over all others. You can read and refer to it to apply to your article.

Fonts for subtitles and closed captions in 2022

1. Times New Roman

This Times New Roman font would be a good choice for you if you want something simple, clear, and powerful. This is a typical style used by many large enterprises as the default setting. It is impressive in terms of readability, legibility, and text layout.

It is available in several weights and widths and has been used for sans serif designs. It has a wide range of distinctive features and appropriate variations in height and matching strokes. It is different from strictly linear sans serif typefaces.


  • Not much styling available


  • The simple and bold structure
  • Highly readable
  • Most suitable to be used in documents

2. Arial

he Arial font is extremely popular and is a great font for creating captions for viewers. With a simple shape, this typeface gives the sharp look of strong design. Arial does the best job taking care of the icons, which are important for indicating what’s happening on the screen with the subtitles.

A basic, modern, and safe typeface for subtitles is Arial. It is instantly recognisable and does not have a flashy or eye-catching appearance. From printed books to website designs, this is a solid and reliable font used for practically anything.


  • Basic
  • Little bulky when working with longer sentences


  • Supports symbol and characters
  • Clear and simple presentation
  • High readability

3. Futura

One sans serif that competes hard with the others, especially in terms of versatility, is Futura. This typeface can be used in many contexts, including journalism and entertainment.

Also, it works nicely with different background colors and small areas. With a bold and distinct look, this font’s readability and visibility for captions and subtitles is superb.


  • Mishmash style of this font
  • It can turn off site visitors if it is used too frequently.


  • Highly readable
  • Flexible
  • Works with small and sensitive environments
  • Available with different styles in versions


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4. Lucida Grande

Another popular typeface for closed captions is Lucida Grande. This humanist typeface has a simple sans serif that makes it extremely readable. It is a top choice for large companies or corporations.

It has a sleek look because of the clear and uncomplicated style of its letters. Working with their characters and maintaining readability is very simple. Lucida Grande also supports symbols, characters and has excellent multilingual compatibility.


  • Has no base


  • Simple, spacious, and clear format
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Compatible with different characters and symbols
  • Fits in smaller spaces

5. Tiresias infofont

This typeface is probably familiar to you as it is used for subtitles by many famous companies. It comes in six different styles and designs, all of which are easy to read and understand.

This is a well-loved and simple to use font. Its characters can be tightly spaced even without loss of quality or legibility. Although not used very often in books or other places with lengthy text, it has always retained its value in subtitles.


  • Confusing characters


  • Available with six styles
  • Available for free
  • Extremely easy to read


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