Become an angry traffic god with GTA 5’s Gravity Gun mod – Download and review


The GTA 5 PC mod scene has officially come of age: we have a Gravity Gun. This mod turns the cheap (yet always hilarious) stun gun weapon from GTA 5 into your very own zero-point energy field manipulator, capable of lofting big rigs into the air and blasting them over the horizon. You can even zap people around as much as you want, which Half-Life 2 only let you do for a few minutes near the end.

There are a few limitations and glitches, like not being able to pick up cars with passengers in them, but it works surprisingly well overall. To get your Gravity Gun working, you’ll first need to install Script Hook in a compatible version of the game. Then you can download the mod, drop it in the proper folder, and get to car juggling.

Download and review : Gravity Gun Mod in GTA 5