Apple is improving security for iCloud and iMessage 


Apple is stepping up the game in order to protect its users from cybercriminals and law enforcement officials. Recently, the company has announced some new features to prevent third parties from accessing users’ cloud-based data including iCloud and iMessage storages. 

iCloudSource: Apple Insider

The announcement came out this Wednesday stating that it is planning to improve its encryption and other security features. This means third parties like cybercriminals and law enforcement would find it harder to leak data from Apple users, specifically their iCloud data and iMessage messages. This feature is called Advanced Data Protection and will be available on iPhone, iPad and Mac respectively. 

Cloud secure is essential during this decade since so many individuals and corporations have been moving to cloud storage services. iCloud is undoubtedly one of the most popular cloud storage services and is used by almost every Apple user. It helps iPhone, iPad and Mac users store and backup data including photos, videos, documents, gaming data, app data and so many more. It’s convenient and quick. There, data protection is a major concern. Especially when Apple products are being consumed by millions of users worldwide. 

iCloudSource: Apple


Most significantly, Apple is now allowing add end-to-end encryption to their iCloud accounts so that data will be accessed from their trusted devices only. Currently, passwords and health info are already encrypted. The new update will also include iCloud backups, notes and photos. Therefore users’ data is more thoroughly secured and protected. 

Once users turn on these features in Settings, only trusted devices are allowed to decrypt iCloud data. Therefore, there is less concern about third parties illegally getting access to your data and taking unwanted actions with it. Previously, the company has given users’ data to officials on the heels of court orders. But with this new feature, this would no longer be available since other devices but trusted devices cannot access the data. 

Apple has been believed to be one of the most trusted companies in terms of security and privacy. However, experts recently found out that Apple-owned AppStore had collected and sent users’ browsing and download history back to Apple. However, seemingly it is still trusted more than other companies like Meta or Google. With this new feature on iOS, expectedly, users’ data will be more secure and private than ever. Privacy has been extremely essential during this era since everyone is working and making ends meet off the Internet. Their personal information is seriously wanted. 

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