Affiliate Marketing: The New Craze in Online Business


Affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways to earn money working online. There are many approaches to this, but it all simply comes down to acting as an agent or salesman for another company. As an affiliate, you effectively market other people’s products and earn a commission for each sale. The percentage you earn depends largely on how well you can market a product.

The most cost effective products to market are digital products such as e-books and software. This is because these can be transferred instantly to the purchaser rather than by using the involved process of packaging and mailing the physical product.

Starting an affiliate marketing business costs little and with a good product and the right audience, you can make a considerable amount of money. You do not have to stockpile digital products and there are literally hundreds of companies looking to sign up affiliates immediately.


The affiliate marketer would best approach the task at hand by setting up a blog where you can espouse the virtues and benefits of the product while, at the same time, adding links back to the products or to the affiliate web site. The visitor clicks on the link and is taken to the site where a purchase can be made.

It is best to set up a blog or even a web site specifically to market products. Search engines tend to frown upon directly listing an affiliate web site. They call this a duplicate or mirror site and will penalize you with a lower ranking or no ranking at all for this. Rather, simply write a short article about the product and add links to your product.

Promote the blog or web site on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. Others will read the articles and click on the link, taking them to your affiliate site.

There are thousands of article submission sites out there where you can have your article published. Sites like and HubPages are great places to start. This is all free and easy. Write articles, add links to your affiliate products and drive visitors to your affiliate site. There, the visitor makes a purchase and you earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is the new craze in online business marketing for many people. How much money you make depends entirely on how much effort you put into it.


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