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6 Step SEO growing complexity of SEO

6 Step SEO. That represents a million dollars lift in revenue for a product line.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the growing complexity of SEO. I’m guilty of this myself.

6 Step SEO growing complexity of SEO

However, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that there is value in the same SEO we’ve been doing for years. I’ve had a reminder like this recently that I’d like to share (well, within reason… I can’t share all the details).

I think every SEO should have their own blog (and sell stuff online) too because then you see over time what actually creates traffic and rankings over the long term.

For example, picking the right keyword with a decent amount of traffic is one of those simple things you forget with all the “hyper long tail–only pick keywords with intent to buy” posts you read.

But anyone with a long term blog, knows that you can get huge wins and exposure with a broad keyword that answers a very fundmental query to your audience.

Not a surprise that companies like Copyblogger and SeoMoz target keywords like “SEO101” and “content marketing”—while the less successful companies are obsessed with keywords like “buy software right now I’m a CMO with money to spend”

Here is the broad match traffic from one keyword phrase (includes filter).

How was it done?

Step #1 – Find keywords sending traffic, but there isn’t a dedicated landing page. Pick a single keyword from that list that has strong (and broad) traffic and a product line behind it.
Step #2 – Make a single page, target it, slap the products on it.
Step #3 – Build internal links to it by adding links on content you can control.
Step #4 – After some red tape, get page linked to on a valuable internal page you don’t control.
Step #5 – Redesign / relaunch page for better CRO.
Step #6 – Acquire links from 20 domains.

Some days I really love SEO.

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