5 Ways to Find Out What People Really Want From Your Blog



If you’d like to get more traffic to your blog and on your blog, you need to know what people want from your blog. Your blog is your business, and just like in a regular business venue, you need to find out what people like in order to serve up the best for your consumers. Blogs are utilized by nearly 77% of Internet users. Nearly 23% of Internet time is used toward blogging and social networking. Small businesses utilizing blogs and social media can increase their leads by 126%.


Here are 5 ways to find out what people really want from your blog:

1. Listen to them


Check your comment section frequently and reply back. User comments can offer a valuable view into the mind of your readers. Be continually open to hearing their reviews, in order to better your blog. Be sure to embed a “contact me” form on your blog, this allows users to easily contact you and start a real conversation with your real readers. Search the web for free “contact me” embed forms. Bloggers can find a free plugin for WordPress for “contact me” forms at 123 ContactForm.


2. Ask them


Surveys can help you quickly gather information about your readers, and is a polite way to get in contact with them. You can embed your survey form on your blog and throughout other websites, such as partner blogs and through social media.


3. Get to know what’s trending


The easiest way to find out what’s trending is to begin doing a keyword research on Google. by doing a keyword search, you can find out what people are looking for right now in regards to your subject, as well as, what popular topics have been covered, and what could use more coverage. Google Trends can help you individually track what is trending on your blog and give you a valuable analysis.


4. Check your traffic


Google Analytics helps you keep an eye on traffic to your blog and other blogs. Tracking your traffic can help you discover what keywords and subjects to utilize to drive more traffic to your blog. Certain keywords that are relevant amongst your users will help you optimize the hits your blog gains from search engines like Google. Tags and hashtags can also help to optimize your chances of being found on a search engine. It’s important to be able to reach as many users as possible in order to maintain and create traffic on your blog.It might also be time for a reference check.


4. Analyze audience engagement


Find a way to keep track of the likes, shares and comments on your blog. Start documenting what type of subjects garner the most attention. Create a document on excel and input the date and subject of your post to help you keep track of what you are posting. For each data entry in excel, create a row for likes, shares and comments and input the value for each. Charting your social media success can help you better determine what subjects are boosting your blog the most. Charting your likes, comments, and shares can help you view what is getting the most attention at a quick glance.

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