Crosh Orders

(ChromeOS Shell Commands) This page is divided into two sections.
The page begins with a table of commands, followed by a quick and dirty guide (previously uploaded as its own article) on actually getting into and utilizing the cross more:crosh commands on ChromeOS

Exit command Purpose

Exit the crosh Shell assistance

Display the help advanced crosh help

Display advanced crosh commands, which are generally useful for debugging.


[-c number] [-i range] [-n]
[packetsize -s]
[Waiting time -W]
> final destination
Send ECHO REQUEST ICMP packets to a network host.
If destination > is “gw,” the default route’s next hop gateway is used.
It functions similarly to the ping command in other operating systems.
To stop the ping process or any other command in Crosh, press Ctrl+C.

battery test
[length of test >]
Battery discharge rate is tested for a specific number of seconds.
If no arguments are provided, the 300s test will be used.

bt console

Switch on the Bluetooth debugging console.

chaps debug
[start | pause | log level >]
Sets the logging level for chapsd.
With no parameters, verbose logging will begin.


Shows the state of connectivity. experimental storage status | enable | deactivate >

Activate or deactivate experimental storage features.

ff debug
[tag expr > ]
[–list valid tags]
ff debugging tags can be added and removed.
Extensive memory testing is performed on the available free memory.

command modem >
Engage with the 3G modem.
For more information, type “modem help.”

modem set carrier
This command configures the modem for the chosen carrier.

network diag
< host >
A function that runs a set of network diagnostics.
Makes a duplicate of the output and saves it to your download directory.

wifi | cellular | ethernet > network logging

A function that enables a preset set of tags that can be used to troubleshoot the specified device.

p2p update
[enable | deactivate]
Enables or disables peer-to-peer (P2P) update sharing via the local network.
This will attempt to obtain updates from other network peers as well as share the downloaded updates with them.
To see the current condition, run this command without any inputs.