World of variety gta v

The vanilla game is quite bland when it comes to variety. Seeing the same old sights and sounds over and
over again. World of variety will change that. Assets from multiplayer, story mode and more.
Have been brought over into single-player. Making the GTA V universe more diverse and enjoyable to be in.

WOV is lore friendly and balanced. With all assets spawning naturally.

World of variety is now been merged with Gangs Of Los Santos.
Along with lore friendly vehicles and peds from multiple authors that have contributed their works to the


  • DLC vehicles
  • Vehicle colour variations
  • Vehicle liveries
  • Custom vehicles
  • Add-on lore friendly vehicles
  • Overall of gang peds & gang areas
  • Gang cars
  • DLC weapons (gangs)
  • Concealed carry permits
  • Random melee weapons for peds
  • New Dispatch
  • Police bicycles
  • Police patrols
  • FIB vehicles & agents
  • K9 patrols
  • Sheriff swat & helicopters
  • Surveillance helicopters
  • Add-on peds
  • New general population peds
  • Storymode peds
  • New ped props
  • New street performers
  • Nude beaches
  • New scenarios
  • New animations
  • Numerous populated interiors
  • Active submarine & aircraft carrier
  • DLC vehicle deformation



-cscenariopoint patch updated (download link under requirements)
-new dlc cars added
-improved deformation for new dlc cars
-new custom vehicles
-ceramic pistol given to korean gang
-navy revolver given to cult gang
-fix for the ramp cars deformation bugs
-fix for caracara 4×4 over spawning
-improved decal lods for the ltr gang
-improvements made to salva, azteca, family, balla gang peds
-ivpack option updated
-wov guide map updated
-updated wov gameconfig to support more add-on vehicles (download on sidebar)


Guidance, extra info, maps and credits are all contained in the download. Read before commenting.

Copying, redistributing, modifying and use of any part of this mod without
explicit permission from the creators involved is prohibited.

Download and review :

World of variety mod gta 5 – Arena War DLC