With your older Nexus 7 Android 4.3 may be the savior

With your older Nexus 7 Android 4.3 may be the savior . If you own a Nexus 7 device, you may have noticed that the longer that you’ve used it, the slower and slower the device actually is. This wasn’t a unique problem to a handful of devices, but a problem that a lot of users got pretty upset about.

Nexus 7
The problem lay in some low-level software that had to do with the way that information was written to the flash storage of the device. As these blocks filled up, the device kept looking for free blocks to use. When they finally filled up, the device would need to delete blocks before writing to them, which cause a huge slow down on the responsiveness of the device.  A fix put out using the TRIM command, which scans the data blocks and deletes those that aren’t in use, was supposed to help solve the problem, but wasn’t available for the Nexus 7 and Android 4.2, for whatever reason.


Good news though! The Trim command is now supported in Android 4.3. This means the new Nexus 7 won’t have this performance issue and the older Nexus 7 will work much better once it has been updated to the latest version of the OS.

According to reports coming from AnandTech, Android 4.3 will run this command once a day providing the device is idle, the display is turned off, and the battery is above 70 percent. So, for those of you who have upgraded your old Nexus device, you won’t magically see a performance boost as soon as you install it. Instead, plug in your device; leave it idle for a few hours, and voila!

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