Windows eight to possess Over one 100.000 Apps once Launch


Windows eight to possess Over one 100.000 Apps once Launch. According to a Microsoft executive department, around 100,000+ apps for Windows eight square measure about to become out there within three months of the Windows eight launch. Keith Lorizio, vp of U.S. Sales and selling for Microsoft explicit  that: “It’s vital for US to induce a vital mass of apps”.

We’ve already seen out there apps from several high brands like Amazon and also the Wall Street Journal, however the shop presently has fewer than three,000 apps. That’s quite an heap of catching up to try to to if Microsoft is to fulfill the goal of over 100k apps inside ninety days of the Windows eight official unharness on Oct twenty sixth, 2012.

Microsoft is working closely with other publishers in an attempt to raise the number of Windows 8 apps, all this at the cost of some major cash from Microsoft. Lorizio stated: “We know that we have to have avery healthy ecosystem of apps, and we’re putting millions of dollars against the effort and working with publishers in order to get their apps live as quickly as possible.” He was also quite optimistic about the sales for Windows 8, predicting over 400m computers running the operating system by July of 2013. Hopefully his prediction will be accurate because as of now, there is far less usage of Windows 8compared to that of Windows 7 during the same development stage.

Three Factors that will make Windows 8 a “Guaranteed Success”


  1. The massive distribution network Microsoft has.
  2. The unique fact that Windows 8 will deliver the same experience across all devies (PCs, laptops, phones).
  3. Beautiful, relevant, and useful apps.

What do you think about the outcome of Windows 8? Will it live up to the projections stated in this article or is that overly optimistic? Keep in mind that Windows currently holds around 92% of the entire PC market, according to Net Applications.

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