Will Keywords Soon Be Obsolete?

Do we really need to use keywords? Why? When I first started using certain words for increased page views, my writing was choppy. The keywords were almost an assault on the reader. The way search engines work is changing. It’s rumored that soon, key-wording will be obsolete. Until then, here’s a few tips that might help your article be found, without keyword stuffing.
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Right now, search engine optimization is impossible without inserting some keywords.

At least, until the rules change again. The idea is to get the search engines to pick out your article among thousands with the same subject. As a traditional writer, I was taught not to repeat words, therefore the creative use of keywords seemed a compromise in the quality of my writing.Then, I learned there are ways to use keywords that don’t annoy the reader.

If one is careful, it is possible to get those keywords in without sounding too repetitive.

Writing with few keywords can become part of the creative writing challenge. Use keywords once in the first paragraph of an article. Keep other paragraphs brief and to the point. Insert keywords scattered through your content. Use them no more than 4 or 5 times, unless needed for better comprehension.

Keywords are not the only way to get the attention of online search engines.

Using words related to the writing topic is another way. For example in this article, which concerns online article writing, I’ve naturally used the words article, writing, writer, creative, internet, words, and paragraph. This will tell the search engines that online writing is the subject.

Another thing to remember is to use forms of keywords.

Words and keyword are forms of the word keyword. There are also words such as SEO that have become synonymous with keywords. These will all communicate with search engines to help reveal the subject of the Internet article.

I like to use my creative writing talent to find ways to insert keywords smoothly.

I think of it as a challenge. How can we get that keyword in so that it doesn’t slam the reader in the face? SEO can be very frustrating, but I’m starting to get used to it.

Key-wording sometimes involves phrases.

Two or more keywords can be used together. Something such as “creative writing” or “keyword SEO” gets immediate notice from search engines. Internet search engines are logical thinkers. They also recognize spam, so if keywords are too high, it does no good for the writer trying to get his work out there.

Keeping up with the changes.

As search engines improve, key-wording will become a thing of the past. Search engines now recognize articles that are too keyword dense as spam. If you’re intending to make article writing a career, be sure to keep up with the latest techniques for bringing your article to the top of the search page.

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