Why Windows 8 is Different Than Windows 7

Why Windows 8 is Different Than Windows 7.

Many of you will love Windows seven, however after you do your laptop looking this season – you’re obtaining Windows eight. whether or not you prefer it or not. For tech-savvy folks, the modification can possibly be welcome with open arms and eager anticipation, except for others the thought of learning to navigate a replacement OS might seen discouraging. however can Windows eight work on our PC’s and laptops? it had been designed to best best used on touchscreen devices however several people dont have, or perhaps wish, slightly screen laptop. {we can|we can|we are able to} solely hope that mistreatment our mouse to navigate will still be pleasing expertise.

Why Windows 8 is Different Than Windows 7

The modification most apparent within the transition from Windows seven to Windows eight is that the new, significant usage of applications (or apps). i believe of apps as dumbed down versions of so much superior programs. they will be helpful every now and then and annoying at different times after you got to do one thing that the app version won’t allow you to do.

One example of this can be Apple’s iMovie app that’s designed to be usable on a touchscreen. This, however, has major compromises to the options and anyone remotely serious concerning video piece of writing wouldn’t go close to the app.

The other issue with introducing apps is the price. Individuals that purchased a program for use onWindows 7 are not going to want to pay again for that programs app on Windows 8. Where do you buy these new Windows 8 apps? It’s called the One Store and like Apple, Windows is requiring that all apps be downloaded from the Windows store. The advantage – knowing that apps are safe for use. The disadvantage – fewer programs at first and the loss of freedom to download from wherever you please.


If you don’t want to be locked into using a single app store for many of your purchases then stick toWindows 7. Time will tell as to whether or not the Windows app store is a success. If it is not, then the Windows tablet’s aren’t the only thing at stake anymore.

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